Is Vaping During Pregnancy Recommended?

By on October 28, 2017
Vaping During Pregnancy

Vaping along with e cigarettes are considered to be a safe option rather than the traditional cigarettes. To a certain extent it even helps a smoker to quit smoking. The thing that e cigarettes during pregnancy stillgo on to incorporate the body with nicotine.

To know more about it is a nicotine delivery module.  A lot of them go on to resemble a cigarette and some tend to be a bit futuristic. There is a battery coupled with a cartridge, where nicotine is part of it with various chemicals in the form of glycerine. When it is heated inside the e cigarette it goes on to form a vapour that we inhale. Hence the term vaping emerges.

As far as a regular cigarette is concerned it sends nicotine to your lungs that is the smoke which you inhale. Tobacco is embedded with thousands of chemicals. A point of consideration is that the liquids that are part of an e cigarette are not regulated in any manner. Many of them are incorporated with chemicals or contain flavouring agents. No studies indicate the safe level of exposure of inhaling these vapours, be it in pregnant women only.

Misunderstandings about an e cigarette

Recent research points to the fact that pregnant women have a lot of misconceptions about e cigarettes. Close to 40 % women who were surveyed felt that Vaping along with electronic cigarettes was safer than their regular cigarettes. 61 % of women felt that it could be addiction and 57 % were of the opinion that it was harmful. In the study that was conducted only 13 % of women had gone on to use e cigarettes and the reason which they gave was they thought it was much safer than the regular cigarettes.

Nicotine and the safe levels of exposure

Contrary to popular belief of people, any form of tobacco is it from regular or electronic cigarette it goes on to put nicotine on to your body. If someone asks what is the safe level of exposure of nicotine in your body there is no precise answer. If you are into vaping before pregnancy then the chances of baby being born with deformities increases. It could lead to miscarriage, premature baby to name a few. The worst part is that nicotine from any form of cigarettes also reflects in your breast milk as well.

In the world that we are part of E cigarettes during pregnancy are a strict no. But we are not such a part of a world and women who smoke do go on to become pregnant. Once you are pregnant you should go on to quit smoking either is from regular or electronic cigarette. If you are pregnant and you smoke, then get in touch with your doctor and seek their opinion. The advice of a health care provider would also come in hand, if you are planning to make a move to electronic cigarettes. This could be a remedy if you are planning to cut down on smoking.

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  1. Ankita

    October 31, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I think Vaping is bad for health you are Pregnant or not.
    This kind of article is very useful.

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