Visit these countries from India for low cost with a lot of fun

By on May 1, 2019
Visit these countries from India for low cost

Budget is the thing everyone thinks about when they are planning a trip. If the trip will be to abroad means they will think more about charges. That’s why for the people who wanted to fly to other countries in low budget means there are especially some countries.

Especially from India, low budget tourist countries mean undoubtedly Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand. These places are located near India so people can enjoy the tourist attractions in these countries with a low budget.

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is the “Happiest country in the world” due to its pleasant and tranquility atmosphere. Bhutan is famous for its valleys, terrains, and natural attractions. Charges to reach Bhutan are very low from India and passport also not required.

Places to be enjoyed here are Phuentsholing, Haa Valley, Dochula Pass, etc and the activities can be done here are the Himalayan tour, adventurous acts, wildlife tours etc.

To stay in a hotel charges from 1500Rs to more and meals costs 100Rs to 500Rs per day. Even Bhutan also near to India charges are fewer.

  1. Nepal

Nepal is a very beautiful and peaceful country with a backdrop of Himalayas. It is very nearer to India so it will cost less. Nepal holds the wonders of different tranquility temples, adventure sports, and nature tours. Tourists from different countries visit Nepal for many adventurous activities.

Places have to be seen in Nepal are Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Devi Fall, Shechen Monastery, Lumbini, Boudhanath Stupa, various temples in Kathmandu etc. Never miss taking part in adventurous activities like trekking.

A room for a stay in Nepal per day may cost from 1000 Rs or above and for meals may cost from 500 or above. Nepal will be the right destination from India with a low budget.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka very known to Indian people with the story of Ramayana. This country holds the beauty of beaches, natural wonders, heritage spots, and spots for adventurous activities. Sri Lanka is also the cheapest country to visit from India.

Places to be seen in Sri Lanka are Colombo, Dambadeniya, Matara, Kandy, Tissamaharama etc. Also have a visit to different wildlife tours, religious sites, and water adventure sports etc.

Minimum charge to stay in hotels may cost from 1000 Rs or more and meals per day may cost from 300 or more.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a natural beauty which is most suitable for backpackers. This country is the cheapest country to visit from India. Many attractions, tours, activities attract a large number of tourists.

Places to be explored here are Hanoi, Sapa, Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City etc and the activities can be dared are caving, wildlife tours, Island tours, and peaceful boat cruises etc.

Per day hotels may cost nearly 1000Rs and for meals per day will be nearly 700 or more. In Vietnam for one 1Km fare is 35Rs. Vietnam also an ideal place to visit from India.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is a country with attractions of both modern and rich heritage. Thailand is famous for Royal Palaces and ancient ruins. It is also the cheapest country for travelers to visit from India.

Attractions in Thailand are shopping destinations, water sports, elephant and medical tourism etc. Places to be seen here are Krabi, Bangkok, Phi Phi islands, Chiang Mai etc.

For staying in hotels per day costs nearly 1000 to 1200 or above and for meals per day costs 100 to 200. Thailand is also a desired place to be visited from India.

These top 5 countries are the cheapest countries to visit from India with fewer charges. Charges mentioned above are volatile and they are approximately but you will not be charged more in these countries. For the people who wanted to fly to other countries near India, these are the best places.


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