Vivo V9 vs Oppo F7: Which one should you buy?

By on August 31, 2018
Vivo V9 vs Oppo F7

There was a time when flagships from top brands such as Samsung, LG are used to be priced at a point which was almost out of reach of the common population. But in the last few years, a lot has changed. Brands like Oppo, Vivo, One Plus are known to offer their powerful flagships at very competitive prices. While this is a great thing in one hand, it has also managed put us in a dilemma on which one to choose as they are priced almost the same.

In this article, we are going to compare two of the very best of such latest flagships, the Vivo V9 and Oppo F7. Do stick till the end as we are going to be extremely thorough about the comparison and we do strongly believe that at the end of the article you will be able to choose the one that fits your style completely. And while you are at it, be sure check out these amazing mobile offers to get massive deals and discounts on the major stores.

Vivo V9 vs Oppo F7 Specification

Here’s a brief side by side comparison of the most important specifications of the Vivo V9 and Oppo F7.





Vivo V9


Oppo F7





6.3-inch, 2280*1080 pixel


6.23-inch, 2280*1080 pixel





Snapdragon 626, 8 cores, 2.2 GHz


MediaTek P60, 8 cores, 2 GHz





4 GB


4 GB / 6 GB


Internal Storage



64 GB


64 GB / 128 GB


Maximum External Storage



256 GB


256 GB


Primary Camera



16 MP + 5 MP


16 MP


Front Camera



24 MP


25 MP


Battery Capacity



3260 mAh


3400 mAh





150 g


158 g


Price in India



20, 990


21,500 / 23,990

Detailed Comparison


The first thing you notice about a smartphone is how its display looks and feels. Both the Vivo V9 and Oppo F7 sports brilliant displays which are rich in color and can give you a perfect media experience.

At 6.3-inch, the Vivo V9 is slightly bigger than the Oppo F7. But in reality that does not help you too much. Despite having the same aspect ratio of 19:9 as the Oppo F7, the Vivo V9 cannot use the area around the nudge while displaying media.

On the other hand, while using the Oppo F7 while playing games like PUBG, you simply can not see what is going on in the area covered by the nudge. Also, the F7’s display is a bit reflective which makes it somewhat hard to use outdoors on a bright sunny day. So, Overall, you get a mixed bag experience out of these displays.


Both Oppo and Vivo promote the F7 and V9 as a camera phone that is wired to click brilliant selfies and stunning bokehs. While that came is mostly true for both of these smartphones, there’s a slight difference.

In the back the Vivo V9 sports a 16 MP + 5 MP dual camera setup. But the Oppo F7 comes with only a single 16 MP sensor. But once again Vivo somehow fails to take advantage of a higher specification. It is not like that you’ll notice a huge difference from a mile away, but if you look closely, the differences can be felt clearly.

In good daylight conditions, both cameras can take some nice looking photos. But Oppo’s 16 MP sensor can pick up more details and handles reflections extremely well. The images taken by this camera is also sharper than Vivo and saturation is just perfect.

In artificial lights though, both the camera setups struggle a lot. But still, Oppo F7’s images look more natural and usable. The tendency of the Vivo V9’s camera to oversaturate everything makes images dark and throws away tons of details.

The only place where the dual back camera of the V9 triumphs the Oppo F7 is its ability to take 4K videos. For a phone that is priced more than 20K, Oppo really disappoints us with the lack of 4K capabilities in its camera. To give you an idea, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, priced around 10K offers 4K video shooting options.

Vivo does a much better job with its 24 MP front camera than the dual rear camera. The selfies are powered by an impressive artificial intelligence which implements the beauty enhancements carefully so that the photo does not lose its natural feel and it really works wonders. The Oppo F7’s 25 MP powerful sensor also capable of capturing some stunners but you can not help but love Vivo’s front camera more.

But when it comes about indoor and artificially lit conditions, the Vivo V9 suffers once again. It fails to implement the bokeh mode correctly and the background does not look as impressive as the Oppo F7.


While most of the specifications are almost the same in both of the devices, the CPU used in these devices are completely different both from design aspect and performance capabilities. The Vivo V9 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S626 processor while the Oppo F7 sports a powerful MediaTek Helio P60 processor.

The Helio P60 performs leaps and bounds ahead of the Snapdragon 626. The Antutu Benchmark scores of these two chipsets also ensure the commendable lead of the P60 over the Snapdragon 626. The P60 also manages temperature and energy way in a more comprehensive manner. To be honest, a Snapdragon 626 does not complement a 20k+ phone given that you can find Snapdragon 636s being used in 10K+ phones.

Despite that, a powerful 4GB ( or 6GB if you wanna spend big ) RAM of the Oppo F7 does not let a casual user feel the difference. Only if you are into heavy gaming for a prolonged period you will be able to realize the difference.

Design and battery life

The Oppo F7 and the Vivo V9 does not have a huge difference in terms of design. Both use cheap plastic backs which somewhat looks like a premium glass back device but surely does not feel like one. If you are paying more than 20K for a phone, you are absolutely right to want something more than plastic.

The rounded edges of the Oppo F7 feel a little better than the Vivo V9. Interestingly, Vivo has managed to fit a LED indicator in the top-notch but unfortunately, you won’t find that present in the Oppo F7.

Theoretically, the Oppo F7 does a slightly bigger battery capacity and the Helio P60 is designed for more efficiency but practically, a casual user won’t be able to feel the difference at all. Both the devices offer a pretty good battery life and last more than a day on little to moderate use. But for a heavy user, the Oppo F7 is certainly a better choice,

The Verdict

The Oppo F7 and the Vivo V9 are both the leaders in the mid-range smartphone segment. From what we have discussed so far it is clear that if you want a great performance, battery efficiency and intend to use it as a point and shoot in your next trips, then the Oppo F7 is the one to pick. But if you are a fan of taking great selfies and must need 4K shooting capabilities then you may consider going for the Vivo V9. In the end, it comes down to your choice completely as both the phones come with some great advantages but also pack their respective downsides.


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