Ways to Secure Your Packages Upon Delivery to Prevent Theft

By on April 17, 2019

Stealing deliveries is quite common these days. When you are not at home at the time of delivery, and you do not have a method of keeping the package away from potential thieves, it is possible for you not to receive the items at all. These tips will help you reduce the said chances.

Schedule the delivery

You want to be at home in time for the delivery. The best way to ensure that it happens is to ask for notifications regarding the status of the package. You need to know when the item will arrive so you can cancel other activities or ask someone from your family to be at home for the arrival of the package. You may also reschedule the delivery if you know you will not be at home upon arrival.

Add delivery instructions

Apart from giving the mailing address, you can also provide special delivery instructions. They are useful so that the person delivering the package will leave the item in a secure location at home that would prevent potential theft.

Place the delivery in the car

You can request the delivery company to place the package in your car. You can buy a key that allows you to control the car from a remote location. You can open the car from wherever you are when you receive notification of the arrival of the package. You can also close it after delivering the package.

Install a video doorbell

You can determine who steals your package by installing a video doorbell. The thief will be unsuspicious because the security camera looks like a doorbell. You can give the footage to the police so they can help track the package and put in jail the person who committed the crime.

Use an alternate delivery location

If you know it will be difficult for you to receive the item because you are never at home, you can provide an alternative delivery location. It could be your office address if you will be there at the time of delivery. You can ask for a favour from your friendly neighbours to receive the package on your behalf if you know they are always around during the day. You could also look for mailbox rental companies. It is possible to keep the delivery at the said address until you are ready to pick it up yourself.

Use in-store pickup

If it is too challenging for you to find a way to receive the delivery, you can pick it up yourself. Look for the nearest local store where you can go to pick up the items. If you bought items from big stores with branches everywhere, it would not be a problem.

You can prevent potential thieves through these tips. Another method is to look for reputable delivery companies. Find out if they offer white postal boxes and you will feel confident about the package that you are going to send or receive. You know that they will be in safe hands.

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