What Are The Benefits And Working Of Ground Source Heat Pumps?

By on June 4, 2018
Benefits And Working Of Ground Source Heat Pumps

We come across many property owners that prefer installing the ground source heat pumps that are much useful for underfloor heating.  People living in extremely cold regions prefer owning these systems that provide enough heat to combat the ill effects of piercing cold in the winter. Those suffering from excessive cold go for these pumps that have become the preferred choice of millions of guys across the globe.

Ground source heat pump – These pumps are made with ground loops, i.e. the network of water pipes that are laid underneath the ground while the heat pump remains at the ground level. Enough space may be needed for installing such a system that is much helpful. Use of garden may be made for digging the machinery. The size of the ground loop generally depends upon the size of your home and the quantity of heat that is sufficient for it.

Working – Natural heat from the underground is strapped up with the help of these pumps that pump the water through in the pipes. The temperature is then increased by the heat pump while the use of heat is made for providing heat to the entire home or hot water to the people that reside there. Use of electric supply is made for running the pump for underfloor heating that is so popular these days. The unique benefit of this system is that it requires less electrical energy than the quantum of heat since produced with it. The major role of the heat pump is just like a boiler that is used in central heating systems. Pumping of a mixture of water and antifreeze is done around the ground loop and it absorbs the heat since stored in the ground. Compressing of the water mixture going through a heat exchanger is helpful in extracting the heat that is transferred to the heat pump. The resultant heat is then made to reach the home heating system that works well.

Temperature – It may be learnt that the temperature from the ground is increased to approx 50°C with the help of the ground source heat pump. The consumption of electricity depends upon the level of heated water. The same can be utilised for running the radiator or the underfloor heating system. Additional backup heating systems may be needed for extra large properties. Air source heat pumps, generally placed outside at the side or back of our properties are also enabled by the manufacturers.

Why these pumps are so popular – It is the less CO2 that is generated by these pumps that are in great demand as compared to the usual heating systems. Thus the property owners that install these pumps are able to save big energy bills. The other big benefit is the renewable heat incentive schemes that are floated by almost by all the state authorities that wish the citizens to save electricity and its expenses.

Recent years have witnessed a steep rise as far as the underfloor heating system is concerned. It is because of its above unique advantages.


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