What Kind of Roofing Will Be The Right Choice For Your Home?

By on October 2, 2018
right choice roofing

A beautiful home is a collective dream for everyone.  The choice of materials makes a home attractive.  Right from plotting to completion of home every aspect has to be taken care to create a masterpiece.  Construction of houses is a very challenging task. Generally, during the development of a commercial complex, every inch of the space is utilized without wastage because everything done in a commercial place is money oriented.  But constructing a home is much more than that.  One should be happy internally seeing the home. The house owner’s internal satisfaction counts a lot.  And if the interior is as per the house owner’s choice, then that is the biggest happiness anyone can have.

But a common query a house owner has is – can he afford the expensive items in his house?  Of course, people with a lot of money don’t comprise with quality.  If they find the piece or item attractive, they don’t mind spending a significant amount on that item.  But a middle-class house owner will have to think about everything, i.e., the necessity of the item, the cost of the item, an alternative of the item. If he/she finds any such replacement, its human tendency of middle-income house owner to spend on that alternative item.

When we discuss the construction of houses, roofing takes a prominent position.  The house owner has to consider a lot of points before purchasing a roof material for his home.  The points may be summarized as below:

  • Sustainability of the roof: The house owner to check whether the roof can sustain any weather or climatic conditions. For instance, the house is constructed in a place where there is substantial wind, and then a roofing material purchased should be able to sustain the heavy wind.  In case, the location is in a place where it is too hot; then the roofing material should be resistant to the warm temperature.  Checking of sustainability is very important as any damage to the roof it will fall on the members of the house.
  • Cost of the material: There are many types of roofing material.  It depends on individual tastes and preferences in purchasing the roofing material.  Even the price also differs based on the material.  So typically, when a middle-class house owner purchases, he/she choose a roofing material which is in their budget.
  • Maintenance: A roofing material which needs less maintenance will be preferred.
  • The span of life: A roof with a significant span of life is most preferred. Studies by experts have confirmed that a metal roof’s or roof made out of concrete or tiles stays up to 50 years when compared to the ceiling made out of wood or clay or asphalt roll.
  • Safety: When compared to other roofing material, roofing with features like a reduction of the risk of damage due to climatic conditions, fire, fungi, and water are preferred.

There are other points such as availability which you must consider while purchasing a roofing material.  All the above features are available in concrete roofing.

Today, we find many houses were constructed using concrete roofing.  Since it is economical and a lifespan of above 50 years, many prefer it than any other type of roofing. Even if some want to make their house special may start growing creeps on the top of their house, it is very rare to see.

A concrete roof is a combination of Portland cement, sand, and water. Some additional aggregates are also added to the mixture.  The customarily preferred thickness of the concrete slab is 4 inches.  In case the slab is supposed to be bearing any overloads occasionally, then the thickness preferred is 5-6 inches.  These concrete roofs are typically constructed flat.  But if you want sloped roofs, then you make use of concrete tiles.  But one point to remember is that you are supposed to walk on the concrete slabs because of 2 reasons: firstly, the tiles are for a decorative purpose and will break if you put an additional burden on them; secondly the roof is sloppy, so any misbalance will lead to your fall and break your bones.

Comparatively a flat concrete roof is always secure as you can freely walk on it, unlike slope roofs. You have the option of installing concrete or clay tiles for decoration purposes.  Tiles look good when the roof is a slope.  Colored tiles give an additional look to the construction.

Construction of concrete roof

Even though you don’t do the construction work and the contractor takes care of all the jobs, being aware of the process is always best.  When you have planned to construct the roof, ensure the structure iron or steel beams are placed in the area that needs to be built. Then get it framed by steel plates or wooden planks and cover it entirely leaving one side open for the concrete mixer (usually the top side).  After this, the concrete mix has to be poured into these molds, and finally, they have to be appropriately set so that there are no gaps in between. That is a crucial aspect.  Gaps may create a problem in the future.  So, additional care has to be taken to ensure that no gaps are there.  After completion of construction, the roof structure requires proper curing with water. Usually curing is prescribed for a minimum of 21 days.  That helps the roof to be strong.  After 3-4 days of roof construction, the supporting frames should be removed carefully.

Previously the concrete mixers had to be rented for roofing purposes and manually all the items like cement, sand and water were put.  But technology has made things very simple.  We get ready-made mixers nowadays.  After finalizing the date of roof construction, the ready-made mixer has to be ordered, and the vehicle carrying the mixer comes and does the job within the stipulated time. The effort is also less and the workforce utilized in this process is even less.  Only people required to flatten the surface are needed. Usually, whatever accessories are needed for the concrete roof construction are brought by the concerned workmen along with them.  So, when you are paying them for their services, you will be paying for roof construction as a whole, and the cost of accessories are included in that.

Maintenance of concrete roofs

Concrete roofs whether slope or flat requires regular maintenance like other roofing materials.  Comparatively a slope roof requires less maintenance as it is filled with tiles and tiles are to be replaced only in case of damage.  But a flat concrete roof needs a lot of care.  Below mentioned are some tips to maintain your concrete roofs:

  • Cleaning of the roof: Normally a flat roof accumulates a lot of dust and in case of rainy season lot of water also is found.  So, the roof should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove the dirt and any water getting stagnated.  Stagnation of water may lead to leakage of roofs if the roof is not constructed correctly.
  • Washing of roofs: There are three types of roof washing techniques available: Chlorine bleach washing, Sodium hydrochloride washing, and pressure washing.  Chlorine bleach washing is done when the floor of the roof is algae and moss.  The bleach removes the decaying material from the roof slab.  Since chlorine is toxic, it has to be used very carefully.  If you find your roof very dirty, then sodium hydroxide washing technique has to be used.  This again is very harmful, so it also has to be used carefully. Pressure washing technique is used when the stains or dirt is tough to be removed.
  • Check for cracks: In case you find any cracks, try to seal it immediately.
  • Underlayment: Underlayment refers to that situation where the roofs are constructed using waterproofing techniques. It is a water-resistant or waterproof layer used in many constructions.  This sort of precaution helps you in safeguarding the house roof from water leakage. As far as underlayment is concerned, always take guidance of an expert because the amount you are investing on waterproofing should not go waste. Get in touch with Precision Roofing Supplies for expert advice.  Any mistake in underlayment may lead to leakage of water in spite of taking necessary precautions.

Concrete was supposed to be used only for flat surfaces/roofs or for slopes.  But the creativity in designing the houses has given a new outlook to the usage of concrete.  The concrete tilesare being used not only in exterior but also in interiors.  It gives a neat look.  The concrete tiles used for roofing helps in regulating indoor temperature.  Being available in a variety of colors these help the buyers in giving them guarantee that tiles coming with natural colors will not lose its originality.  Being constructed with natural items, concrete tiles are eco-friendly.  The only drawback of using concrete is that it is cumbersome when compared to other roofing materials.

Whatever roofing material you use, ensure, it is safe and long lasting.  Anything done above that shows your creativity in displaying your house.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a creative Home Decor Expert. She loves to share her creative knowledge of Home Improvement with her clients & friends. She is passionate about trending skills for Home Improvement.


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