What Makes A Good Custom T Shirt Design?

By on February 2, 2019
Custom T Shirt Design

T-shirt design is becoming very famous outlet for creatives. Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, or typographer, the basic idea of putting the design on T-shirts is hugely appealing. However, the procedure of t-shirt printing can be quite intimidating. There are a few tips that will help in designing customized t-shirt graphics.

Explore other sketch options

You can explore various options on the internet to find the best sketch for your t-shirt design. Sketch the T-shirt design and then introduce some variations in it. This will be a brainstorming process.

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Imagine the T-shirt design

There is a big difference in what appears on the screen and what you see in actual printed form. Do not be shy to imagine your t-shirt design on a photo of a model. You can even take a print out of it if you deem necessary and place it on your actual tee. Ensure that you imagine your design work at an actual size.

Less simplify the things

Though everyone likes impeccable drawing ability and detailed attention but some of the classic designs of t-shirt are the simplest. It will put your message across the simplest way. Anything complicated can lower your chances to deliver a successful design.

Keep your humor pleasant

If your main intention is to present a humorous design for your t-shirt, then don’t come off as a low-cost or cheap t-shirt. Ensure that your t-shirt design does not get criticism. When humor is correctly used, then it can even turn heads. It is important to strike the right balance.

Make the right selection of colors

Try selecting complementary colors in the t-shirt design. You can use the color of your t-shirt effectively and, then choose complementary colors. Use of global colors and halftones will help you make the best use of the restricted colors.

Prepare the artwork properly

You can use “Pantone Colors” at the time of printing the t-shirt on screen. It will be a lot better if proper outlining of text and expansion of strokes are performed. There are several good tutorials that would help you with fabulous ways to use Illustrator or Photoshop.

Don’t forget to understand the market

It is important to make it clear who are you going to design male or female; old or young. At the end, you will be designing a t-shirt that you wish people to wear. You need to pen down exactly the person that you wish to allure to your T-shirt design, what do they like, who are they, what brands are they fond of.

Use a good quality printer

It is essential that you take some time off to understand the type of T-shirt that you wish to print on.  Choose the best printer to give finishing touches to your design and artwork. The weight, labeling options, sizes, cost etc. will all impact the end product.


Hope by implementing the above tips you will be able to easily design and print your own t-shirts easily.


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