What To Do When Ovarian Cysts Hit You

By on April 2, 2019
Ovarian Cysts Hit You

Being a woman is both a blessing and a challenge. It becomes an extraordinary blessing when you can carry a life inside your womb,  or when you get to have that distinguished title of a “mother,” and when you are depended on to bring off the vast responsibilities of being a wife, a nurturer and, to some point, a life-saver. It becomes a challenge, however, when you have to deal with the intricacies of womanhood like having to go through monthly periods, being the one who can only breastfeed babies and the one between the two sexes who might have to be battling with ovarian cysts.

Ovarian cysts, which grow solely on women’s ovaries, are benign masses that may or may not be painful and may be the very reason why women’s monthly periods are more massive than usual. This article will show you some strategies that women can take to diminish those cysts that have triumphantly invaded their ovaries and gave away unfavorable changes in their lives.

Feel The Heat, Ease The Cramps

When cysts are developing in a woman’s ovary, a bloating abdomen and painful pelvic area are just two inescapable concerns. Heat therapy is considered an effective way to ease the pain apart from menstrual cramping that the growing cysts in the ovary give rise to the body.

You may use a heating pad or a water bottle filled with hot water and place it to your lower abdomen, the result of which is the kind of relief that you can get from over-the-counter pain relievers. A do-it-yourself pain reliever will do wonders like submerging a face towel in warm water and letting it rest on your belly. Moreover, a warm bath may give you the relaxation that your tense muscles need and relief from the discomfort of cramping.

The Cysts Go Nuts Over Nuts

A healthy and well-balanced diet will always be the answer to reducing pain that most disorders are woefully giving the body. Other than that, snacking on cashews and almonds have been highly recommended to alleviate the pain related to ovarian cysts. Cashews and almonds are not only tasty, but they are also nutritious given the fact that they mainly have high levels of magnesium, which the body may use to appease pain.

Recent studies have confirmed that, indeed, cashews and nuts can supplement our diet with magnesium that can help with chronic pain. However, if you are hypersensitive to nuts, you better keep away from it and find other means to turn down the cysts-related pain.

Over-the-counter Medication Will Do

There are pain medications available at drug stores that can temporarily relieve pain endured by women with ovarian cysts, or that can even decrease the risks of having cysts like quasense, which will be a good buy using a quasense coupon. Moreover, women may purchase some medications without a prescription, but other drugs need one from a medical practitioner. Women may take over-the-counter medications as soon as they feel the discomfort that ovarian cysts may bring, but if the pain lingers, they must immediately seek help from their most reliable doctor.

Herbal Teas Can Also Be Remedies

Herbal teas like chamomile and ginger teas can be extraordinary remedies for managing ovarian cysts. The sedative effect of chamomile teas can effectively contribute to pain reduction, and its anti-inflammatory power can efficiently alleviate cramping and diminish the surges of anxiety. Like chamomile tea, ginger teas also help in reducing inflammation and even in relieving pain associated with ovarian cysts.

The warmth that both may bring to the body further regulates irregular monthly periods by way of triggering the flow of blood in a woman’s uterus and pelvic area. Both can easily be purchased at any department stores or can be bought online, which make it convenient for women who are preoccupied with their personal and professional lives.


Being a woman could mean a lot of distinct things from different individuals, but what truly matters is when a woman learns to acknowledge how amazing, inspiring, and powerful she can be to the whole world especially when beset by medical conditions that might profoundly affect her life in the long run. Ovarian cysts, for example, might seem harmless to one’s ovary, but there will always be that little possibility for immediate medical intervention. It is wiser for women, especially aging ones, to see their doctors and have themselves undergo several tests. An ounce of prevention, as they always say, is way better than a pound of cure.


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