What your jewelry says about you

By on January 12, 2017
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Since forever people, especially women, have worn jewelry in order to decorate their body and make their appearance more beautiful. And today jewelry comes in different shapes and styles and can say a lot about you.

Personalized jewelry
Person who wears some silver piece of jewelry with carved name is not afraid to express its feelings and opinions. They usually cherish their relations with friends and family and sentimentally attach to the gifts they get.

Discreet jewelry
Women who wear discreet jewelry are full of confidence and fate in themselves. Your opinion about their physical appearance does not matter. They put accent on their whole outfit but jewelry is almost unnoticeable. Also it usually has sentimental value and they are the kind of person who has big collection of silver pendants.

Precious jewelry
Woman who loves precious jewelry is the one who leads her style to perfection even if it is not about famous brands. She uses jewelry to boost the impression of their style and value the jewelry that has some special meaning for example some sort of silver rings with stones like talisman.

Inspirational jewelry
Girls who wear this kind, usually don’t have time to waste, they know exactly what they want and what to choose. For example, they chose some 925 sterling silver rings wholesale with messages so they can get an inspiration every time they look at it and to stay focused on the things they want from life. Also, silver necklaces with carved sentences in pendants are always a good choice for them.

Retro jewelry
Woman who prefers this is sentimental and romantic. She leaves the impression of an authentic and reserved woman. They usually chose some vintage stones on silver rings and silver necklaces in order to highlight their special beauty.

Big jewelry
For example, big silver necklace will make glamorous every outfit. This kind of necklace will give the girl self-confidence and make her feel special. Women who wear them are fierce, confident and not afraid to segregate from the mass.

Spikes and chains
Girl who wear them on their silver necklaces and bracelets are real rebel. She is urban, different, adventurer and not afraid to cross the line and experiment with fashion and life in general.

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