Who Deserves to Receive Your Free Merchandise?

By on May 9, 2019
Free Merchandise

You spend money to give free items to help promote your business. Your goal is to improve the reputation of the company, but also thank the people who have helped you over the years. You also wish to entice new customers by giving them something for free even when they are yet to buy from you.

The problem is that you can only offer limited items. These are free things that you are giving out, and you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on them. You need to determine how much you are going to spend. Once you have received the items to give away, you need a plan so that the people who deserve these things can receive them.

Your employees

Before you thank the people who supported your business, you need to start with the people at work. Without them, your business would not even exist. Besides, the employees and their family members could also be your customers. Given their dedication and loyalty to you, it is time that you at least offer them free items.

Your most loyal customers

These people have remained faithful to you over the years. It means that when there are exclusive deals, they should be first in line. When you hand out membership cards, they should receive one. They follow your social media pages, and they help spread the word about your business. You are not paying them to do all these things, but they are glad to do them anyway. The least that you can do to give back is to offer them free items.

Winners of competitions

You can also set up a competition where you open the opportunity to everyone. You can use social media to announce that you are hosting a competition and let people join in. You can decide the winner within your company or open the chance to others through a voting process. Make sure though that the promotional item that you are giving out is worth the effort to participate in the competition.

Potential buyers

You might need to give out free items to people who are yet to purchase items from you and are among your target audience. Make sure though that if you are handing out these items, you are careful that only those who are in that group will be recipients; otherwise, you are wasting the items.

If you are yet to determine the items to give away, you can choose from www.fyldepm.co.uk. Find out which items are within your budget range and are true to what your business stands for. Make sure that you design the pieces appropriately so that the name and logo of your business are visible enough.

After distribution, determine if the recipients had a positive response after receiving the items and if they felt motivated to remain loyal to your brand. If not, you might have to change your strategy the next time you give out free merchandise.

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