Why Buying the Original Painting Always Supersede the Imitations?

By on May 9, 2018

Love understands no boundaries, limitations, and shortcomings. Love is boundless and eternal. This love can be for another person, place, or a thing; a thing such as painting. Being an art lover puts you in a cogent place, where you cannot be contented with anything less than required. For instance, if you like a landscape and thinks that the particular piece of art will look gorgeous in your bedroom, then no prints or posters can offer you the satisfaction.

Although the copies or imitations of the paintings are the cheapest and closest thing you can have to the original artwork, it is not the same. Art collectors who eat, drink, and breathe art understand that nothing can be matched with the pioneer version of a painting.

Through this blog, I will try to jot down few reasons that would show why you should always choose an original painting instead of a poster or a print. Let’s begin:


A piece of art is the expression of artist’s mind, heart, and soul. This sole idea gives so much credibility and value to the original artwork that no imitation can offer. Just like you have a single version, there are artworks that are the rarest of rare today. Art collectors across the world are ready to pay fortunes just to buy those original paintings. That sense of ownership of something which you only have is unbeatable.

Time consumed

When an artist picks up his/her brush, it is uncertain that how much time will be taken to complete the painting. This may take few hours or few days, or some weeks, or maybe years. The extent of time that is taken defines the hard work and the value the particular painting holds. This is why, original paintings are costlier, yet, scarce.

Diversely speaking, an imitation such as a poster or print may sound fascinating to you, but they are developed very quickly. All you require is a printer that can generate several hundred copies in a minute. This simply cannot match the level of authentication an original painting provides.


Even though the love of art cannot be measured in any currency or luxury, what’s wrong if you can accompany your passion with some profit too?

Art investment is a serious profession that includes patience and dedication. Specialized art collectors have assigned experts that help them in finding the original artworks from painters. It is not easy to find the original painting as the prices are quite high. So, if you, by any chance, get your hand on an original piece of art, do not let go. Who knows, in few months or years’ time you are a millionaire because you own an original painting!


An imitation or copy of an original work can be developed very swiftly and in doing so, the same quality level is never being maintained. This defeats the holistic purpose of being an art collector. When you purchase something that is first-hand, it defines your persona           without expressing it in words. This makes you much closer to art.

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