Why Use Snap Spy and What To Know About It

By on August 30, 2018
Snap Spy

 “SOCIAL MEDIA” a term which we very often come across these days is a platform providing various online communication networks for sharing of information. Our lives in the current scenario of Information and technology boom are highly dominated by Social Media. It has become a cardinal factor of our day to day lives. It has become a powerful instrument for the common masses to exchange ideas and to give expression to their thoughts and voices and to connect to people from all around the world, limiting boundaries and making the world a global village. It has become the best tool to be aware and informed in today’s world.

One such Social networking site is Snapchat. It is a globally used app which allows people to share multimedia information in the form of photographs, texts, videos etc. One very absorbing feature of snapchat is that the multimedia information shared lasts only for small period of time before becoming inaccessible.

These apps come with plethora of advantages as well as disadvantages. People make great use of such apps for sharing ideas and viewpoints but simultaneously there are people who misuse such apps for their own personal gains and pleasures. Thus to avoid such misuse of information or data in Snapchat, an application is introduced named as Snap spy. It provides assistance to parents to keep a watch on their kids, it provides business officials to keep a check on their partners etc.

Snap spy is a simple, easy and user friendly software which is easily available and can be installed in our devices without any hassle. During the development process of the application we found that information was shared by two ways; one was peer to peer connection i.e.  a connection  is directly established with the device which is to be spied on and second was through a server connection i.e. the device to be spied on and the spying device both should share the same server. Through the assistance of Snap spy we could easily have access to the text log, pictures and other such information of the device we wish to spy on.

Snap spy is a complication free, simple and easy app through which spying anybody’s snapchat is a straightforward and trouble free process, without any physical access to the device being spyied. The installation process of Snap spy is effortless and similar to the installation process of any other app. Snap spy is an app which is oriented towards the achievement of a specific goal.

A question arises many a times that whether the spying of Snapchat legal or illegal?  Cross communication of devices is completely a legal process with only one requirement which is the owner of the device to be spied should receive a prior notification. The aim of the app was to maintain the standard of information being shared and to safeguard morality and safety as the essential factors. Snap spy is devised to ensure the safety and security of our people and to protect private information of the people from being misused.

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