Women’s woolen socks: How to make the right purchase?

By on September 8, 2018
Women’s woolen socks

Winters are appreciated by majority of the people across the globe, especially children, teenagers and adults alike. This is because this is the right weather condition that allows them to wear different types of fashionable apparels and accessories, thus making a style statement of their choice. Unlike summer, where fewer clothes on the body are appreciated, winter does bring in great excitements and plenty of choices. Moreover, the introduction of new manufacturers and suppliers in the domain have only helped increased the number of winter apparels and accessories for all ages, and body sizes and shapes. The choice is simply limitless, be it in design, color, type of material used, type of winter clothing, etc.

Importance of woolen socks

It is quite common for people to cover their head, body and the leg by wearing different types of winter accessories and clothes. But what about the feet! It is indeed among the most vulnerable part of the body, from where cold may get into the body making the person to fall sick. The entire body from feet to head needs to be protected with the right type of clothing to ensure warm and comfort. Only then can the person enjoy the cold winter and stay outside for a long time without having to worry about anything. It is here that socks made of wool are considered to be the best buy. It should be part of the winter wardrobe of every person. These are lightweight and do offer immense warmth to the feet since the woolen fibers are good enough to block harshness of coldness hitting the feet.

Things to consider

These days, the market is flooded with low quality and artificial woolen materials. Hence, it becomes crucial to select the right mens winter caps and socks to protect the head and feet from cold weather. It will be essential to understand wool quality, so as to buy the best one that will live up to its promise. According to experts, quality of such accessories is measured by wool fiber diameter and length.

Some woolen varieties

Given below are few desirable options for woolen garments, more specifically inner wears.

  • Smart wool: Woolen fibers lesser than 30 microns are likely to cause itching. Hence, in certain wool varieties, these fibers are eliminated like smart wool. It is often includes Marino wool fibers. Smart wool offers great comfort and excellent breathing through its fibers.
  • Marino wool: This is considered to be top grade wool and is known for its extra smoothness. It is indeed the favorite type among shoppers who prefer high quality woolen garments and consider skin safety and adequate winter protection. This type of wool is also stated to be flame and odor resistant. Its water resistant capacity and natural elasticity feature is what makes this wool to be durable and long lasting.

It will be useful to check out the tag to know more about the product or find out the details of the product on the online portals to make careful selection.


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