You Can only Imagine the Amazing Smells in The Tent

By on September 17, 2018
Amazing Smells in The Tent

The Great British Bake Off is back in full swing with a whole new set of amateur bakers battling it out in the giant white tent to see who will be crowned the ultimate winner for 2018. Even though we are only a few weeks in, I am already hooked. I imagine the aromas in the tent must be mouth-watering with all the biscuits, breads and cakes that are cooked every series. Did you know that our sense of smell has the ability to connect with our emotions and our memories?

It is one of the reasons why Scent Marketing has become so popular. Scent Marketing is in essence a way that a company can use a variety of scents to add to their marketing strategy. Much like if you think of a candle shop you start to recall the smells of vanilla and perhaps you other favourite candle smells. If only there was the technology for us to be able to smell the cakes cooking through our television.

Watching this week’s episode got me thinking about my favourite bake of creations, so I thought I would share two of them with you.

Nadiya’s floating drinks can cake in series six was an impressive show stopper. She not only created the illusion of a drinks can spilled and cascading down on top of the pies that she had made but she also flavoured the pies with the her favourite soda flavours which she has reduced down herself and then added to the ingredients in the mixture. Cascade cakes exploded in popularity following on from this series and you can now buy kits that give you everything you need to be able to create your own cascade effect.

Amazing Smells in The Tent

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Another amazing creation during series six was that of Paul King’s Lion head made from bread. The bread was flavoured with black olives and parmesan cheese and has been one of the most memorable bread creations in bake off history. Bread creations seem to be the ones the contestants hate the most, probably because Paul Hollywood is renowned for his bread creations and having him critique your work as well as wandering around to watch you as you bake must be incredibly stressful.

There have been many other incredible creations on Bake Off, including Nancy’s Moulin Rouge windmill creation made from choux pastry and macarons and also Flo’s Melon Cake that no one would have known was a cake if it hadn’t been cut open.

I wonder what amazing delights we will see during the rest of this series ?


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