Your Best Guide to Selecting a Contract Packing Service

By on April 4, 2019
Contract Packing Service

Contract packing services are increasingly in demand due to the convenience they provide. As a business, you may have precise packing and packaging needs, and you require these to be done efficiently and competently. But you can’t do the packing yourself as you will just end up neglecting your other duties and responsibilities. Also, when you have to package everything yourself, you will have to invest in equipment for this – not to mention more staff who need to be trained as well. This is why more companies are relying on contract packing services (contract packers), so they can concentrate on their other tasks which allow them to grow their business. But when selecting a contract packer, what aspects do you need to consider? Here’s your best guide to selecting a contract packing service for your enterprise.

  • Figure out what you really need

When you are trying to choose a contract packing service, figure out first what you really need. Identify your requirements and what precise problem you want the contract packaging service to solve. Also, think about your budget in a realistic way – it’s easy for companies to underestimate the overall cost of packaging if they don’t go about it in a precise manner. Here’s a tip, though: if the contract packing service is experienced and knowledgeable, they should be able to help you determine how you can adjust your budget for your project, so it remains reasonable and within your means.

  • Ask the right questions

Once you have found a few potential contract packing partners, you can ask them a series of questions so you can assess how much their service can help you. One particular question you should ask is whether they have worked with other products or goods which are similar to yours. Another question would be the challenges the provider has faced and how they overcame those challenges. Furthermore, ask them about the general experience they have in contract packing, and if they can provide you with references as well. You should also ask the provider how they determine a project’s cost, and what production and quality control procedures they have in place. It would also help if they can provide you with accreditations or certifications in the industry.

  • Are they the right size for your needs?

Another important consideration is the actual size of the packaging company. Contract packing companies range from small to large, but the size of the company you choose should also depend on your needs. For example, if you want more personalised service and your product line isn’t that big or extensive, then you can go with a smaller partner who can develop and establish customised solutions and give you the attention you need. If you have a large line of production, then it makes sense to go for a large contract packaging partner as long as they can prove that they are capable of handling your requirements.

  • Consider their location

The location of the contract packing company counts as well; it would make sense to choose a company which can help you save on the expense of transporting your products and goods from your own base of manufacturing to the packing location. But in the same vein, the money you will save as you outsource your packing requirements will often outweigh the expense of getting your product to the site as well.


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