A Novice’s Guide to Buy the Best Indian Artworks

By on April 12, 2018

Take the name ‘Indian artwork’ and every true art enthusiast will join the conversation in no time. Most of us, especially those who aren’t of the Indian origin get in complete awe. The same happens as the one who isn’t acquainted with Indian culture and traditions find the intricate patterns really beautiful and unique. Indeed, they are. Maybe, this is why everyone who has a thing for art or just loves to decorate his house well, finds every exquisite Indian artwork to be the best.

Well, even though, buying art, in general, might not sound like something tough to you, buying a good Indian artwork is. You need to be careful while buying one. Take a look to understand why we are saying so.

But before that, if in case you are completely oblivion to the world of traditional Indian art, read a bit about Indian art on google or if you don’t want to, just look at some of the images.

  • Look at the patterns- When you go to buy Indian art, patterns are the most important thing to look at. They decide a major part of how good the painting is. So, look at how the patterns are. The Warli art will have circles and triangles repetitively in it. Madhubani painting will have big eyes and environment in the background. The patterns should be neatly done.
  • Look at the size- The size should be large. As large as the painting would be, the more regal it will make your space look.
  • Look at the framing- The framing should either be wooden or golden. The wooden one would suit tribal and folk paintings and the golden one will suit other traditional ones.
  • Look at the colors- Prefer paintings that have bright colors.

Remember, a good Indian artwork is all about a thoughtful play of various shapes and patterns. Moreover, large Indian paintings look regal but if you are buying small sized Indian paintings, consider making a gallery wall art. Furthermore, the paintings should have wooden framing if the art is tribal or folk and golden embellished one if it is a traditional painting depicting a woman or a view of some courtroom.  At last, also pay heed to the colors, they should be bright and contrasting.

Besides, keep in mind the wall color of your room and the existing décor. If the color of walls is sky blue, buy a painting that has dark hues of Blue or a painting that has dark shades. Try to pick the one whose colors don’t look camouflage with the wall color or completely oppose the color theme of your room.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and we promise you will own an artwork that not only you but each guest of yours will appreciate.

Happy Buying!

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