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About Us is one of the India’s starring platform for providing information on latest fashion, fashion jewelry, travel, food, entertainment and anything and everything under the roof. also gives relevant information and blogs on topics like business, travel, sports, technology post and welcomes guest blogger who wish to share information with the world through this platform.

It is a platform for talent, reviews, blogs on technology and gadgets, internet and social media, other start ups, business branding, fashion from jewelry to clothing to fashion accessories like clutches and purses, to footwear and much more.

Fashion being the favorite topic of all and everyone loves to be updated when it comes to fashion. gives latest information in fashion gold, diamond, and artificial jewelry. It talks about clothing for all ages and all styles and all accessories like clutches, trends in purses, belts and other fashion accessories including footwear.

It also gives tips on business and personal branding. It guides how to brand yourself and your business separately. Personal branding and business branding is separate from each other in many ways. People recognize you and your work according to the label that you create for yourself. tells you how to promote your business worldwide and to bring popularity to your brand, and how does social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. help in advertising and branding your ideas of promotion. It shares useful branding tips like planning, articulating your ideas, defining your brand with your vision, values, personality, purpose, creating your identity. It gives you tips on how to add value to the targeted audience by concentrating in your business and interacting with the audience through different media and engagement in social platform. It posts your story to brand you as an individual for start-ups and importance of domain name. also gives information and writes blogs on food – from different styles to cuisines from various places and countries, from recipes to famous outlets that makes a particular cuisine and specialty food.

At the tech front – it talks about the future of technology as we all know there has been a constant change in technology every day. provides information on latest update in technology, gadgets, electronic equipments, new releases etc through this site by blogging. It gives latest information on gadgets and accessories on

About the owner is created by Monika Rawat placed out of Gurgaon with a mind set for making it big in the technology and blogging sites and started this entrepreneurial journey in October 2011 with an initial set up.

She had a clear vision to create a positive difference for her customers, clients, and readers by providing informative tips on the use of information technology and other information.

She not only provided information on all topics under one roof but also involved the community, welcomed readers to voice their thoughts, opinions and beliefs on site by joining her forum discussions or commenting on their entries. The site is regularly updated with the latest trends under each category. One may also wish to subscribe you to stay up-to-date. One can also connect with us on Facebook, twitter, pininterest, Youtube, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

Monika Rawat strives hard day and night collect the data from different categories to publish latest info on the portal.

Constant efforts are been put towards enhancing the platform and we’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and views on how we can provide more value.

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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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