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By on June 20, 2018
Playing Battle Royale

PlayerUnknowns Battleground or PUBG, is one of the latest iterations in Battle Royale that gamers are playing on their computers, XBOX consoles and on their mobiles. Made by Bluehole, a game studio that has given us other jewels like H1Z1, it has made the game from scratch on the Unreal Engine. As such, the game looks and plays better than any other game that one can find on the gaming market. With a developing team that’s active and keeps adding new, intuitive things to add to the game, fix mistakes and bugs, this is seriously one of the best games for gamers to pick up today and play. Anyone can buy PUBG from the steam market or they can buy it from any other gaming site, according to their preference or situation.

Players who buy Player Unknowns Battleground, will understandably, take some time getting used to the game and playing well. The game is considerably simpler and easy to pick up rather than other games like DOTA2, CSGO to name a few. However, any gamer playing PUBG would need to get the sense of playing Battle Royale down to the core, to become better at the game. They can even buy PUBG for cheap if they are having some issue, like not being able to recharge on Steam, or not having the budget, but they must learn the right things to do while inside the game.

How to Become Better at Playing this Battle Royale after Opting to Buy PUBG?

  1. Learn how to Play with Bullet Drop:

The weapon ballistics in PUBG is quite realistic in terms of any other multiplayer games players might have played. In PUBG, the bullets tend to ‘drop’ or curve down after travelling beyond the weapon’s ‘effective range’ of fire. This drop is what’s called as ‘bullet drop’ in the game and it is what many players have to learn how to counter and play better. Bullet drop can basically be the difference between any player getting the kill on an enemy, before they are killed in long range fights.

Bullet drop can be noticeable felt when any player is firing one of the Sniper Rifles like KAR98K or M24, or any of the DMRs like SKS or Mini14. With a scope attached like a 4x or 8x, they will be able to see the bullets they fire, slowly curve down from the spot they wanted to hit at a faraway target. To counter this, gamers can either increase the zeroing distance of their weapons or shoot from a different notch on the aiming cross.

  1. Play in a Safe, Smart Manner:

Gamers who opt to buy Player Unknowns Battleground judging by its gameplay, must also understand that they need to play in a manner that is safe and smart. What it means, is to not be overly aggressive and have a good sense of positioning. Loot, the best weapons, the best items and armor isn’t as important in the game as it is to be at or holding a good spot on the map.

With just basic armor and weapons, gamers can kill higher loot players with relative ease, if only they have the better position. Since PUBG requires the winner to survive and stay alive till the last circle and be the last man standing, this is one of the most important step towards becoming a good PUBG player.

Therefore, these are some important steps all PUBG players should definitely follow, if they want to be able to win and expand their sense of playing Battle Royale.


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