Is Outsourcing a convenient option?

By on April 11, 2018

The big cats such as fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and departments or any other organization that involves a humongous user base needs to always stay on top of their game. While focusing on their core goals sometimes these organizations may fall into the common fallacy to ignore their customer’s need. Therefore, to avoid such miscalculation they often outsource call center processes to specialized service providers. Though, in truth actually, the recent market ambiance is such that even small businesses are opting to outsource their call center functions.

The alternative to outsourcing call center services is to handle the multiple consumer communication channels in-house such as calls, web chats, emails and text message campaigns. But before establishing a contact center with multichannel capabilities, certain factors should be taken into consideration. And these factors can be a bit expensive to think about. Such propositions often involve major investments in facilities, equipment, technology- not to mention the cost and time required to nurture and staff an experienced workforce. And in addition, an ongoing operation also demands investments other than that of pecuniary nature.

Therefore, to explore the viability and feasibility of such long-term endeavors businesses often conducts a cost-benefit analysis. And most often than not the resultant verdict of such analysis dictates that to better manage costs and improve customer satisfaction, outsourcing call center services is the most practical solution.

Let us go through the various utilities and conveniences that outsourcing bring along.

  • Cost reduction- As highlighted above, it requires a considerable amount of financial backing to set up a contact center. One brilliant way how an outsourced call center achieves it is by spreading these operational, infrastructural and human resource related cost across many clients. These clienteles pay for the particular service they need in a transactional or a per hour basis. There is also the option of ‘shared agents’ where one agent can handle multiple processes. Such approach reduces the idle hours and brings the cost-per-call rate for the clients.
  • Big data analytics- Experienced call center outsourcing services delivering companies understand the sagacity of collecting and analyzing call data to gain valuable insights into the client’s process. They are experienced in analyzing and understanding the data generated through the various marketing and ad campaigns. Such huge amount of raw data can prove to be a great asset in leveraging for growth.
  • Flexibility- Call volumes may rise or fall depending on various factors. The availability of multiple clients helps call centers to minimize the severity of spikes and dips of the call volumes. Also, a good call center usually has the resources to quickly ramp up operations when call volumes peak due to seasonal activity or marketing campaigns.
  • Updated tech resource- Another advantage of hiring a call center outsourcing services providing company is the latest state-of-the-art techs and equipment. Competitions among the call centers have led them to acquire and install the latest versions of the IT infrastructure in order to attract the best clients. The latest in technology may not be a viable option for in-house call centers from a cost-benefit standpoint. Therefore, in order to access such Avant-garde innovations like VoIP, cloud resource, and social media monitors outsourcing is a good alternative to businesses.
  • Industry-specific knowledge- Vendors offering call center outsourcing services have gained years and years of valuable experience by dealing with specific industries across the vertical. Executives and managers in those outsourcing companies have developed their own battle-tested strategies and responses to deal with difficult scenarios. The same set of tactics used in a logistic company might differ from that of a health insurance company. And to take advantage of such diverse experience businesses prefer outsourcing over in-house call center facilities.
  • Dedicated agents- Contrary to in-house agents where they are trained only on a specific product or service, outsourced call centers have agents that are well-versed and apt in handling various client processes. They can quickly adapt and fit themselves to handle different call scenarios and posture themselves as experts on the matter. And after merging these skills with multilingual fluency, one can truly grasp the efficiency of a multicultural and multichannel approach of these outsourced call center companies.

Round the clock service- Customers prefer call center services that are available 24/7/365. Such year round, day and night services might not be a practical proposition for the companies with in-house call facilities. On the other hand, it is one of the many USPs of a company offering call center outsourcing services. These outsourcing firms strive to provide year-round call support service across the globe and that too comparatively at a much lower cost than those with in-house operations.

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