10 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Recreational or Medical Cannabis

The attitude regarding cannabis has changed in a huge way over the last decade. There is no longer any debate that cannabis in many different forms can be used to medicate people with numerous conditions. In the past, there was only smokable and edible cannabis in very few forms. In today’s age of legalization in many places through the US and all of Canada, there have been a variety of ways to consume cannabis enjoyably. The following will be just a few of the numerous ways to enjoy cannabis with more to come on the horizon.

1. Dabbing

Old-school smokers and consumers of cannabis might have heard rumblings about dabbing. There are a plethora of videos online of people taking far too big of a “Dab” of cannabis concentrate. The concentrate can come in many forms including shatter, crumble, live resin, and many others. The differences in concentrate are due to the way the concentrate is extracted.

A torch and a banger along with a dab rig are going to be required for most dabbers. Finding the right temperature to dab at depends on preference with hot dabs being far harsher than cooler dabs. Electric nails will be more expensive but will be able to deliver the same temperature dab time after time. Nectar collectors are very popular as well with the simplicity being the appeal. Heating the tip of the collector then placing it on the concentrate and inhaling will deliver a quality hit.

2. Edibles

Edibles very popular for people that want to consume cannabis but do not like to smoke. The smell of smoke can also cause a problem in certain living situations like that of apartments. Edibles come with little to no smell in a variety of strengths for every walk of cannabis user. Gummies are used quite frequently as are baked goods with keto and paleo diet options being available. Anywhere from 5 to 10 milligrams of THC is recommended for a person that has never had an edible before. Always purchase edibles from trusted brands as the dosages will be correct. Knockoff brands can misjudge the amount of THC where you could end up uncomfortably high.

3. Topicals

Topicals have started to become more popular for people that want to utilize one of cannabis’ many medical uses. This can be used to create a high or to help relieve inflammation. For those people looking to get very high from cannabis, this might not be your best option. CBD oils being used topically is very popular as well to provide relief.

4. Volcano Vaporizers

Volcano vaporizers look like a small volcano that fills up a bag of vapor that has been derived from cannabis flower or concentrate. First-time users of this device need to be careful as the smoke can feel almost undetectable. Splitting a small bag of vaporized THC can be a great way to start or end a night.

5. Vape Pen for Distillate

Vape pens have come under some bad press as of late with the tobacco industry being accused of yet again misleading the youth. Flavored vapes like that of mango for the company JUUL has been banned indefinitely. Fake THC cartridges are also an issue as many of them contain contaminants and other dangerous chemicals. Taking a look at reviews online can help a consumer figure out which cartridges have passed inspection or have been lab-tested. Vaporizers that allow a consumer to utilize both cannabis flower and concentrate are also on the market.

6. Bongs

Bongs are favorites of many people regardless of age with the technology improving on a yearly basis. The filtering and cooling of smoke have gone to the next level with ice-catches and percolators being abundant in more intricate bongs. Bongs come in many styles with straight tubes being the most common. Heady glass is also becoming more popular among devoted cannabis enthusiasts. Themed bongs also have a market with favorite shows like Rick and Morty having numerous bongs based on the cult favorite.

7. Bowls with Concentrate On Top

Bowls of any sizes can have concentrate placed on top of flower for a more intense experience. You might need to use a torch or a butane lighter in order to consume in this way in a more efficient way. Hash is another concentrate that has frequently been put in bowls due to its long smoking time. Moonrocks are cannabis nuggets that have been dipped in hash oil then rolled in kief. Avoid using a grinder for these as it can clog it up very quickly. These bowls will burn for quite some time due to the high concentration of THC in the bowl.

8. Traditional Joints

The traditional joint is a favorite of smokers of all levels. These joints have improved with the quality of cannabis constantly becoming stronger. This improvement is due to science and cultivation method optimization. Finding joints that are rolled in papers that are as healthy as possible needs to be done. Smoking out of tobacco papers has far more health consequences than smoking out of a hemp wrap. Finding a strain that you enjoy smoking is another aspect of this as some people love Sativa strains and others enjoy the relaxing high an Indica has to offer.

9. Infused Joints

Infused joints can have quite a bit of concentrate in them along with being rolled in kief. One person shouldn’t smoke this on their own as this is usually for multiple individual sessions or a group smoke session. For seasoned smokers that might not get the high they want out of a traditional joint, the infused joint can help you reach the experience you desire. These can be made with different components that you purchase at a local dispensary. Most of the time these infused joints are more affordable to purchase already made than making them at home yourself.

10. THC-Infused Syrup

THC-infused syrup has become far more popular for people to consume in their favorite soft drinks. People use this to enjoy cannabis throughout the day in a covert way. These syrups need to be used carefully as they are extremely potent, taking a 500MG of THC syrup is far too much. This could lead to the consumer sleeping for hours on end or having an all-out panic attack. Take a look at the different ways the THC syrup is created as some methods will yield more THC than others.

As you can see there are ways to consume cannabis for all preferences. Keep in mind that edible cannabis processes differently than that of smoked cannabis. Redosing edibles can be a slippery slope as they process after an hour or two versus smoking which the high hits within minutes. With cannabis, it is always easier to carefully monitor your intake and consume more rather than being uncomfortable after consuming too much. Take the time to try a new consumption method for cannabis as they all are appealing in different ways.


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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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