14K Gold Diamond Name Necklace

By on December 31, 2012
Gold Diamond Name Necklace

Gold necklaces are some of the most preferred embellishments in today’s fashion scene. These ornaments are favorite everyday accessories especially among women who adore the elegance that comes with donning a pendant made of glistening gold. The best thing about this range of jewelry is that there are many different kinds of necklaces designed with gold, but one of the most popular designs is the 14k gold diamond name necklace.  Anyone that loves to glam up their outfits with an exquisite touch and an aura of class will fall in love with this beauty. It comes in 14k gold and sprayed with diamonds on the front side. The end product is a graceful piece that makes a chic fashion statement that will earn you a lot of complements from your peers and friends.

For those who are not quite conversant about the intricacies that go into making customized jewelry, it takes a great deal of expertise and craftsmanship to fix diamonds on a piece of metal. This kind of task has to be handmade in order to get the desired design. With this 14k Gold diamond name necklace, the design has been masterfully executed to create a gorgeous necklace that is personalized with any name of your choice. The diamonds that have been soldered on the nameplate add a dazzling sparkle to it, and this is probably the most striking aspect about this pendant.

If there is one thing though about this necklace that stands out beyond its design, it has to be the fact that it comes with the name of your choice. Just like any other personalized name pendant, you can have your name curved out on this lovely 14k gold necklace. Due the sparkling diamonds and the lovely font used to craft the letters, the necklace would also be a great present to someone that you treasure dearly. When offered as a gift, this necklace will make the receiver feel special. If you are a guy, keep in mind that diamonds make any girl smile. Mothers on the other hand can show their daughters just how much they value them with this masterpiece offered as a birthday present. Whether offered as a wedding anniversary gift, a birthday present or an engagement party tribute, a 14k gold diamond name necklace will indeed turn out to be a treasured gift idea.

Not many jewelers are able to make this kind of pendant, but you can find this design at oNecklace.com along with a lovely gift box package. Although the necklace comes with an attractive design, it can still be customized with some creative ideas. For instance you can opt to have it customized with green diamonds instead of white, or perhaps order one made of white gold rather than yellow gold. These are just some ideas that can be incorporated in the design to make it a bit more unique. Keep in mind that the 14k Gold diamond name necklace is in high demand, so having it customized is an excellent way to possess a stunning piece of jewelry that few people have.

As for the price for this diamond cut necklace, one would thing that the 14k gold alloy which consists of 58.33% gold, would make this pendant cheaper than gold necklaces with higher gold content of 18-24 karats. However, the diamonds embedded on the necklace make it to be a bit on the high end. Needless to say though, it is excellently designed and worth purchasing either as a special gift or elegant fashion accessory. The most prominent quality in this necklace is that it can be personalized with any name that you desire. In essence, this 14k gold diamond name necklace is more than just your typical name necklace.


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