5 Fashionable Beauty Trends in 2019

Beauty trends are always changing and that’s to be expected. It wouldn’t be considered a trend if it didn’t go in and out of style. One year vintage wedding dresses, vintage style bridal gowns by Azazie might be all the rage during wedding season. The next year getting the best plastic surgery Las Vegas has to offer that money can buy could be the next major trend on the agenda. You never know what’s going to be popular until it happens.

Or, you could pay attention to beauty trends at popular fashion shows in New York and London and discover this information ahead of time. No matter what, just know that these five fashionable beauty trends are definitely on the rise and will be turning heads in 2019. Keep reading to discover the truth.

  1. Graphic Eyes and Glitter

Graphic eyes and glitter have made a huge comeback and this trend is really going to pick up steam in 2019. It has a real 1960s feel to it, which is exciting because it’s nice to see some of these styles come back into fashion.

Use plenty of high impact pastels and kohl bordered shimmer to make your gaze look absolutely stunning. There are a number of other artful designs to make your eyes really pop and stand out. Using pastels and glitter will certainly get the job done, and you can have that gorgeous painted look that seems to be turning heads all the time no matter where you happen to be.

  1. Dying Hair Rainbow Colors

Fashionable Beauty Trends in 2019

Rainbow colored hair dye is certainly a trend that is making a serious come back once again. In 2019, we’re going to see so many people with rainbow colored hair. So feel free to dye your hair your favorite bright yellow, orange, blue, purple, hot pink, or whatever other color you find attractive and appealing. Nobody is going to look at you like you have two heads because this trend is back on track and it’s about to leave the station.

  1. Hair Statements Are Getting Bigger and Better

Uniform hair is definitely out of style in the upcoming 2019 trends season. Twist and go top knots have fallen by the wayside as well. If you happen to like those particular styles, you can keep using them but do so at your own risk because the trends are definitely changing.

Today, bigger and better hair statements are back in fashion. Think exaggerated bows, interminable plaits, large and sumptuous crowns, and gorgeous hair bands. Anything that’s really going to look large and stand out is just what the fashion doctor ordered in 2019.

  1. Bohemian Bedhead Is Back Baby

For whatever reason, going out with your hair looking like you’ve just gotten out of bed absolutely looks amazing. So it’s no surprise that this trend has found its way back into fashion in 2019.

But, it certainly doesn’t hurt to dress up your glamorous bedhead look. You can wrap your hair in a scarf or use other hair ties or bows to cultivate the perfect bedhead look. The sky’s the limit so use your imagination and you’ll look absolutely astounding.

  1. Go All in or Not at All with Your Lips

Your lips are completely your own based on the current trend. You can use nude lipstick or hot pink. It’s up to you. Base your decision on whatever mood you happen to be in or choose lipstick perfectly suited to match your current style. It really is up to you so enjoy your freedom to choose ladies.

Final Thoughts

Learning about the upcoming trends is never the easiest thing to accomplish. But we’ve discovered the hottest styles during fashion weeks in New York and London this year. So stick with these trends and you’ll always know that you are in style.



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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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