5 Life Changing Designs For Small Spaces

By on January 24, 2019
Designs For Small Spaces

There once was a time that only people who lived in large cities like New York City or Tokyo were affected by smaller living spaces. That is no longer the case. We live in a global community. Technology has made it possible for us to travel around the world for business or pleasure.

Homebuilders, apartment designers, and commercial developers seem to be in agreement. You can get more info here. It makes good financial sense to get the most out of your property. The more offices you build in a building, the more tenants will pay you rent. The more apartments you can build on your property, the more income you will receive.

Since the one thing we are sure of is the earth is not getting larger, we need to find ways to do more with smaller spaces. In this post, we will give you some expert tips and tricks to help you live more comfortably and stylishly in your small space.

Designs For Small Spaces

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Storage and closets

The very first thing you must do in a small living space is maximize the available closet and storage spaces. Nothing will make your life more frustrating than being unable to find the things you need. Your space will look smaller if it is cluttered.

  • Place drawers inside your closet. This makes it easier to organize your clothes and accessories.
  • Look up. You cannot make the space wider and you cannot make the space deeper. The only room for growth is up. Use shelves and place dividers on the shelves so you can stack more on the shelf without falling.
  • Place towel bars on the inside closet doors. Use upper bars for accessories, that you use often. For example, you may fold your pajamas or robe and drape them on the upper bar. Place S-hooks on the lower bars. Hang shoes on the S-hooks. Depending on how far apart you hang the towel bars, you could use another bar and S-hooks for handbags.

Living room hacks

The first thing you must address for living space is the colors. It is true that lighter colors make the room look bigger, and mirrors give the illusion of more space. But there must be a contrasting color to bring the look around.

If your room is ivory or tan, place a dark blue or gray carpet on the floor. Use greenery on shelves and cupboards to add to the comfort of the room. When a guest enters the room, the darker floor causes the eye to look up to the lighter colors. This is an optical illusion that makes the viewer think the room is larger.

If you sometimes have overnight guests, but no place to put them, invest in a leather sectional. They have models that allow you to pull each seat and back from the sectional and fit them together to create a king or queen size bed. The next morning, put the pieces back and the living room has returned.

If you do not have room for guests to sit, but chairs are not workable in the space, have them built into the wall. When they are not in use, they fold up. When you need them the seat folds down and the backrest slides forward for a comfortable seat.

There are many ways you can create space. Desks that fold down when you need them, pantry shelves that slide for easy access, and  installing slide out spice racks. With a little imagination, you can have a beautiful and economical place to live in comfort.





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