5 Must-Have Dresses In Your Wardrobe

By on May 7, 2015

No other garment can bring out the femineity, grace and beauty of a woman, like a dress can. This is why every woman must have a collection of dresses, and at the least the five versatile types. The following article talks about the five types of dresses that every woman must have in their wardrobe. Read on to know.

Dresses are versatile, in general. They can be worn bare with little or no layer up, or layered up to be worn in winters. They are the most comfortable garment that can be worn during summers, helping you stay light and airy.

While there are many types of women dresses available out there, we believe that every woman must have at least five kinds of dresses for summer, including full skirt dresses, maxi dresses, body con dresses, shirt dresses and slip dresses. These dresses are considered summer staples, and therefore must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t have them yet, consider investing in them this season, you’ll never regret having brought them.


5 Must-Have Dresses:

The Full Skirt – The full skirt dress is a fit and flare style, that’s fitted on the upper part of the dress and flared or pleated from the waist downward. This style works best women with athletic frames, though it looks good on all body types because of its feminine cuts. This dress helps create an illusion of curves, if there is lack of it, or accentuate the curves if you already have a curvy body. While this style offers a very feminine look, it can be given an edge with a denim vest or shirt worn on top of it.

The Bodycon – Ideal for the hourglass figure, the body con dress can be worn by other body types as well. However, the choice of neckline and additional accessories are important in making the look work with body types other than the toned frames. This dress style can be worn for evening outings and make for sexy party dresses for women that are ideal for special events such as at concerts and evening parties. Pair them up with classic pumps or stilettos, for a sleek and stylish look.

The Maxi – Perfect for the hot summer months, maxi dresses are a staple. This versatile dress style can be worn for both day errands or work as well as night outs. Slip on a flannel or a denim shirt for a casual look, or wear a blazer over it for a formal look. You may also want to consider what maxi dress styles will compliment your body type.

The Slip style – The slip style dresses may be a 90s typical, but it’s sexy and has made a huge comeback this season. The popularity of these dresses stems from the fact that it makes you look chic and fashionable effortlessly. You could wither op for an slightly embellished one, or one with a lace trim for that extra finesse. Slip on a crisp blazer to complete the look in style.

The Shirt style – The shirt style has also made a comeback this season, and celebrities seem to be very fond of this style. They are much better than the usual tops for women. More than a fashion trend, the shirt style dresses are light and comfortable, and ideal for the hot summer months.

So, how many of the above dress types do you have? Which of them is your favorite during the summer months? Share your thoughts and takes with me in the comments below.


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