5 offbeat things to do on your next trip to Kabini

By on July 26, 2019

Kabini is a hub for nature lovers in Karnataka. The Kabini Forest Reserve, sitting along the banks of the Kabini river, in the Kodagu region, has a lot to offer.

Located a breezy four and a half hours away from Bangalore, it is an attractive tourist spot because of the pocket friendly rates that tempts travellers on a small budget. Kabini is also perfect for weekend trips for family. To help you explore the best of Kabini we have a curated list of the offbeat activities you can indulge in whilst on your trip.


Trekking is probably the most enjoyable yet difficult activity in the region. A trek along the sprawling green mountains, engulfed by breathtaking views of the Western Ghats is the perfect way to lift a person’s vacationing spirit. If this adventure doesn’t sound like your thing, how about a hike through the thick forests under the dense canopies of greenery? You will find that to be equally exhilarating.

These are easy treks as well, organised by the resorts based in Kabini and are carried out under the supervision of an expert. Specifically designed to challenge first-timers, you will easily manage to accomplish the trek. The popular trekking route in Kabini is commonly through the Brahmagiri, Tadiyandamol, and Kumara Parvatha, mountains.

Bike Riding 

Does the title of this engagement give you a slight jitter? Well, we aren’t referring to the bike riding we usually witness in action movies. It’s an offbeat ride through the meandering roads of the Kabini Forest Reserve. Be it on a cycle or a heavily powered motorbike, you are sure to witness and experience Kabini through a whole new perspective.

These bike rides will allow tourists to discover the various places to visit in Kabini on their own. The comforting climate, the expansive greenery and the umami fragrance of the earth will enhance the experience of this engagement to a whole new level. 

Bird Watching 

With over 240 species of aviaries, of vibrant hues and sizes, cheerful bird calls and mating rituals, the thick forests of Kabini are a gift to the bird enthusiasts. The locals residents of Kabini nurture the birds visiting the region with a lot of tender care and they expect the tourists to follow suit.

As a result of all the care and nurturing, the species have flourished and grown, with the locals slowly learning to be one with the wilderness. Watch the rare species flutter their wings and soar high up in the sky. Most lodges and resorts such as Discovery Village in Kabini organise guided bird trails with an expert who has extensive knowledge on the subject.


Boating along the backwaters of Kabini is an absolutely refreshing and surreal experience. It is unlike the other boating activities you might have tried in the lakes of Bangalore. Boating on the backwaters is a completely different experience and a treat for sore eyes with the unreal beauty that is present on every side. While boating, you might also spot a few animals in their habitat on the banks of the river. The residents of Kabini use these waterways to commute from one spot to another.

The Kabini Dam

The Kabini dam was built back in 1974 and has a massive structure which is 58m in height and 2,284 ft in length. It is located near the Bichanahalli village, in the Mysore district. This dam is the saviour to villages and wildlife living in and around the region.

A relaxed evening spent at the reservoir would be a refreshing tourist-like experience. One would also get the chance to spot the unique species of birds that fly back to their nests in the evenings.

The area around the dam was considered as a spot for relaxation during the British raj because of the soul soothing sound of the gushing waters and the enchanting view it comes with. The main source of water is the Kapila River, which is also fed by five other tributaries. The clear waters are home to a rich aquatic ecosystem as they flow through the Western Ghats in Kerala and finally merge with the Cauvery river.

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