5 Tips On Decorating Your Family Apartment Home

By on October 23, 2018
Decorating Your Family Apartment Home

Setting up an apartment for family life can be tricky, but it’s absolutely possible to do so in a trendy way! Having a family with you in a relatively small living space would limit your options as well as your budget, so be sure to plan your decor in advance.

Not sure how to work on the best home décor for your apartment?

Save some energy with the following tips.

1. Focus On Windows First

Windows can make or break a room, so don’t leave them bare in any case. Get the curtains, blinds, or screens before your furniture so you can easily maintain privacy and a sense of home. Window treatments are also in order, so add those to your list. Go with neutral colors if you can’t decide on any particular shade. Your additional curtain panels can add color and design later on if required.

2. Prioritize Two Spaces

If you want to get a touch of the Arbors apartments, first focus on some rules of thumb. The first one to watch out for is prioritizing spaces. For a family, bedrooms and living rooms are those that need the most effort.

Get an idea of how you want your room to look like before you begin to furnish and decorate it. The focus should always be on quality rather than quantity. An open living room with a lot of lighting would be more comfortable for anyone over an overstuffed, dingy room.

3. Swap Out The Lighting Fixtures

Decorating Your Family Apartment Home


For achieving an instant pick-me-up ambiance in any apartment, save on your costs by simply swapping the old-fashioned light fixtures. Pull up some pictures of these stunning Ewa Beach apartments and gain inspiration from their choices. You can go for pendant lights, table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, or under-cabinet lighting.

Always try for two light sources in every room. An overhead light and a table lamp would suffice in the bedroom, for example. If at all possible, get all the fixtures at once. This will enable you to control the flow of your apartment décor.

4. Do Double, Go Large

A living room is usually the focal point of any family home, so you want to make sure it’s as accommodating and comfy as possible. This doesn’t mean cramming every kind of chair and cushion in there, though. Don’t be afraid of splurging on a large sofa, even if the room itself is on the small side.

A huge sofa is necessary so you can spend quality time with family comfortably. As long as the sofa fits and leaves ample walking space, allow it inside. You can use slipcovers, a secondhand buy, or whatever you can as long as it’s stylish and comfy.

The same policy is applied to the coffee table. It should be large enough to hold your books, magazines, and some snacks. However, you should ideally make it play a double role. Go for a large ottoman that you can use for sitting or resting your feet. When you want a hard surface, a large tray would suffice.

5. Design The Entryway

You may not have a hall before the rest of the house, but that doesn’t mean your entryway can’t be a catch-all for you and your guests. Keep a minimal look here since you don’t want a crowded impression the minute you enter your apartment.

All you really need in an apartment entryway is a narrow table, a mirror, and some hooks for coats, scarves, etc. The table could also hold a cabinet, or you may go for a bench to aid in putting on and removing shoes. The mirror will add height to the space and provide a convenient check when exiting or entering.


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