5 Ways to Make Use of Joker in Rummy

By on October 11, 2017
Use of Joker in Rummy

Joker is one such card in rummy that brings in a lot of versatility to the game. It’s both tricky and useful in rummy. The ability to use joker wisely depends entirely on the skill of the rummy player. Depending on his/ her situation in the game, the player may either use joker for melding or discard too to his/ her advantage.

To give a background on jokers in rummy, take a look at some relevant information about jokers and how to make use of them wisely in line with Indian rummy card rules.

If you are new to rummy, then you should know that apart from the two printed jokers available in the 2 decks of standard 52 cards used in the game, a wildcard joker is picked randomly from the deck. These cards can be used by the players instead of other cards to form sets and sequences as they fill in for any of the missing cards.

  1. Form the pure sequence before you use joker

As you are aware, rummy rules 13 card game calls for a pure sequence to be formed without the use of joker. Hence, as soon as the cards are dealt with you do not start melding sets and sequences using joker. Rather, keep it aside and focus on melding a pure sequence as your first activity. In your enthusiasm for implementing your knowledge or any strategy, you may just miss on the basics – forming a pure sequence.

  1. Keep the jokers grouped

Now, it is most likely in a game that you may discard a card by mistake or due to some kind of confusion. Keep the Indian rummy rules in mind; group the jokers together and then start melding sets and sequences with the other cards. By this way, you will have a better clarity on which cards to discard or pick in order to meld sets and sequences.

  1. Meld joker with face cards

According to rummy rules, one of the best ways to use joker is to use it with face cards or high-value cards. It will help you reduce your points as jokers do not carry any value. Face cards – Jack, Queen and King have high value and could prove a liability by adding to your points. Hence, be wise to meld jokers with them.

  1. Discard cards closer to joker

If your wildcard joker is saying 6 Hearts, then you may go ahead and discard cards closer to it – 4 Hearts, 5 Hearts, 7 Hearts and 8 Hearts. These cards may not be of any use to your opponent and it is most unlikely that he/ she picks it up. Expert rummy players use Indian rummy card rules better and such strategies to outsmart their opponents.

  1. Too many jokers is of no use

Rummy rules outline the best use of joker in rummy games. But if there are too many jokers in hand and you are still struggling to meld a pure sequence, it is recommended to discard jokers.


Rummy provides interesting challenges. As a player you need to skillfully weigh your benefits over the loss, plan your strategy and use the joker to your advantage.


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