A Part of You Comes Back to India – Send Gifts and Relish the Bonds

By on December 24, 2015

Life is always made up of compromises and compromise is nothing but the payment you make to fulfill your dreams and desires. India is a land of diverse culture and therefore shopping & gifting never stops here. Whenever Indian festivals strike the calendar, sitting miles away you must also be walking around with a painful heavy heart in the crowd of glamour and glitz abroad.

Open Your Heart to Love

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – this is exactly the intention whenever you think of gifting someone. You always want to make your loved one feel special. Online shopping has made gifting purpose easier as there are incalculable gift items available over copious websites. And buying online gifts is a nice, noble idea because you don’t have to bother about time and distance.

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Unlike some years back, sending gifts to India has become easier and cooler now. For people settled outside, celebration of various Indian festivals is limited only to sending gifts to their country. We are quiet sentient of the fact that Indians residing anywhere set up their own community. Still there remains an uncrossed bridge between you and your family when you are based outside.

Here are a few gift ideas which you can inculcate to make your loved one feel more loved and missed.

Parents: As a dutiful son/daughter, you can send them a ticket to your work land so that they can join you to celebrate any of our occasions. Plan for picnics and spend quality time with them. They would prize the surprise holiday.

Husband/Wife: On birthdays, marriage anniversaries, Diwali, Holi, etc., you are terribly missed. You can record their voice (secretly over call) and connect the situations with some romantic music so that your better half is thrilled with renewed love and attention.

Children: Contact the parents of your kids and book a trip to some wonderland, children parks or museum on their birthday. After they return from an adventurous day, a letter from you should be waiting for them. Even in today’s fast world of Facebook, twitter, hand written letters holds its own sweet place.

Gift is not so important but the feeling behind that gift is everything. You should feel proud being an Indian because the bond that we bind ourselves with our loved ones is witnessed nowhere else. Don’t feel bogged down as you are abroad. Instead remind yourself that your strings would always remain here and it’s your duty and responsibility not to loosen that string.


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