Accessories to buy for perfect baking

If you are someone who loves to spend their free time doing something productive, then the chances are that you might love to bake. How can someone say no to freshly baked bread, cakes, and biscuits? And what can be better than being able to make it with your own hands? At least you will be sure of the purity of the ingredients.

Baking is an art, but it is not difficult at all. You need to be particular about some procedures to hatch out desired results. Along with mastering the procedure, good quality ingredients and perfect baking tools are very important for perfect baking. If you are clueless about where you can get perfect accessories for baking, fret not and check out Wedgwood.

  1. Measuring cups are very very important

The essential tool needed for baking is measuring cups. It might look like one measuring cup is enough for everything. However, that is not true. It is necessary to have at least two measuring cups, one for measuring dry items and one for liquids. Liquid measuring cups are designed in such a way that they have a little space left after the highest measurement. They also have a spout which makes it easy to pour liquids. Dry cups have their highest measurement at the brim so, if you fill dry cups with liquid, it tends to dribble down. Dry cups have their measurements up to the brim so that your ingredients can be smoothly leveled off. Make sure the measuring cups you buy are microwave-safe and durable, enabling ingredients to be melted easily. Your cups should be transparent so that you can get a precise measurement. Usually measuring cups come in sets, so you do not have to wash the cup again and again while baking.

2. All kinds of spoons are important for baking

One of the most important kinds of spoons is measuring spoons. Imagine you are baking a cake and the recipe says that you need ½ teaspoon sugar, but you have no idea how much a ½ teaspoon is! That is when measuring spoons come to your rescue. Just like measuring cups, spoons also come in sets, and it is better to grab a set for yourself. Usually, the spoon set includes one teaspoon, ½ teaspoon 1 ½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, etc. It is suitable if you buy a wooden spoon. Wooden spoons are quite strong and helpful in stirring even the thickest dough and gravy. There is no need to buy a couple of wooden spoons because they are mainly used in stirring, and one spoon is enough. It is not easy to scrape out the last pieces of the batter; that is why you need a rubber spatula. They will even help you get to the last pieces of food from inside the jar. When you want to move your freshly baked cake to a cooling tray, you will need a spatula to do so. Try using a spatula with thin metal blades as it is flexible and it can slide over anything without ruining the dough.

3. There is not only one kind of whisk.

About 90% of baking cannot be done without eggs and what helps in mixing eggs is a whisk. But there is not only one kind of whisk. Spring whisk is preferred for liquids. Sifter whisk is used to aerate salt, baking powder, flour, etc. perfectly. If you want to whisk your custard smooth, you can use a French whisk. Dough whisk is looped in shape, and it is mostly used for pizza doughs, muffin batter, pie fillings, etc. It might seem like an obvious accessory, but kitchen scissors are also very important. From cutting herbs to cutting stubborn packagings, they are what you need.

4. Rolling pin, strainer, and knives are necessary

If you want your cookies to be exactly flat, then you will need a rolling pin. They help you shape the dough however you want. If you want crushed pieces of cookies, you again use a rolling pin to run it over the baked cookie and crush it. Another important accessory to have is a sieve or strainer. It is not only used to sift dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or even cocoa powder but also to strain liquids like hot water. Chef’s knife is a must because it is your all-rounder knife used for slicing, dicing, chopping and cutting everything needed in the recipe.

5. Bowls should be durable and handy

A set of mixing bowls is necessary because you cannot keep washing the utensils while cooking. Go for mixing bowls made of glass as they allow you to see through. If you buy plastic mixing bowls, then make sure that they are made up of food-safe quality. While baking goods, keep in mind to put parchment paper between the pan and your batter or dough. This will prevent your dough from sticking to the pan. Another small investment is a pastry brush, and it will help you grease the pan before you fill it with your batter. You can even use it to eggwash or butter wash the dough.

6. Cookies, biscuits, and frostings!

If you are someone who loves cookies and biscuits, you ought to have cookie and biscuit cutters. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These range from simple circle cutters to fancy cartoon shaped ones. Mechanical scoops are used not only for scooping icecreams but to perfectly shape your cookies and proportion your cupcake batter. If you are fond of frosting on cakes and cookings, then piping and pastry bags are what you need. Some of these bags are disposable, and some are reusable. They are used to decorate your cakes with whichever frosting you want.

7. Oven thermometer helps with the accuracy

If your oven is old or the chances are that it may show the wrong temperature. This results in your baked item being under baked or over baked. After all your precious money spent on the ingredients and all your time invested in it, you do not want your baked item to be ruined. So, to avoid the risk and save the hassle, all you need to do is buy yourself an oven thermometer. It will tell you the exact temperature of your oven.

8. Loaf pans can be big and small

Everyone wants their baked goods to remain fresh. Buy yourself a pack of cling wrap and cover your items with it when you have to store them. If you want to bake bread, then you need a loaf pan. Loaf pans come in different sizes and shapes.


In a nutshell, the oven thermometer is of great importance. If you are someone who loves baking, then you must have all the accessories. Do not compromise on the quality of your baking accessories as they will last you for a lifetime.

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