Asia’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

By on March 3, 2016
honeymoon destinations

Once the buildup, preparation, and big day has come and gone, you’ll need a getaway that is warm, wonderful, and loving to get away from all the pressure that wedding can cause. Honeymoon vacation locations in Asia provide some of the most wonderful landscapes and unforgettable sceneries.

Exotic Bali

Not much of a surprise that Bali, Indonesia’s most touristed island, is also one of the topmost honeymoon destinations in the world. Just the reference of Bali brings unique pictures of volcanoes and private seashores. Although the exotic island does get busy in the summer time, you can evade the crowd to romantic beach cottages and eco-friendly hideaways enclosed by green jungles.

For some enjoyable party moments popular Kuta beach is the best. Instead, to kindle up romance you can head for one of the other beaches in South Bali such as Sanur, Legian, or Seminyak. After you are you have had enough beach time, you’ll find peace, a great vibe, and plenty of green scenery in Ubud — Bali’s cultural center.

Malaysia Borneo

Borneo is a nature patron’s heaven. One of only two locations remaining in the entire world to see wild orangutans, you can split your time in Borneo between looking for crazy animals on jungle hikes, discovering water-falls in national parks, and relaxing on pristine seashores. Some Malaysia honeymoon packages provide inexpensive flight tickets to Borneo from Kuala Lumpur, often even up to the last minute!

Divided into two states, Sarawak and Sabah, Borneo is separated by the independent country of Brunei. Sarawak is calmer, economical and noise-free. You can get to see enough wild beauty and welcoming local culture in these places.

Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is located off the southeast shore of India, it doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as its next door neighbor to the north, these islands have been positioned among the best honeymoon vacation locations in Asia! Great hot curry, friendly people, an interesting lifestyle, and a much more slow paced life attract more and more tourists each year.

The Maldives

Not far from India, this island nation is Asia’s tiniest nation, both in terms of inhabitants and area. Deficient space doesn’t stop the Maldives from gaining an approximated 600,000 yearly visitors who come to see the amazing island’s elegance and world-class scuba-diving. Sailing cottages and honeymoon vacation hotels set on some of the bluest water you have ever experienced will make you and your beloved want to stay there forever.


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