Benefits of Trying Something New in Class

By on April 11, 2019

You need to try switching things up in the class if you want to keep your students motivated. Young learners have a limited attention span, and they will move on to the next attractive thing if they do not feel satisfied with what they are doing in class.

As a teacher or administrator, you need to find ways to keep the interest going. If possible, you need to use new things and strategies in the class. You will see these benefits by giving these strategies a shot.

Keep the desire to learn

At the beginning of the school year, it might be easy for you to keep the attention of your students. They will feel engaged in the activities you present for them to do. However, in the middle of the school year, they will start losing interest because they find things to be repetitive. Therefore, it helps if you try new games or strategies that will get their attention back.

You make students realise that failing is okay

When you ask the students to try something new, they are hesitant because of their fear that they will fail. However, if you motivate them to keep trying even if the results are not the same as what they expect, you are essentially telling them that failure is not a problem. The point is for them to stand up and try again. When faced with similar situations in the future, they will meet them with optimism.

Allow creativity

By giving new activities or tasks to your students, you make them go out of their comfort zone. They will think of ways to solve the challenges or understand the concepts. Along the way, you improve their creative thinking which is necessary for them to solve other problems in life. You are also letting them discover what they are good at.

You let kids discover learning

These days, the teaching-learning process has shifted from having the teacher as the centre of the class to the students being the best people to decide how and what to learn. If you apply this strategy, you allow your students to learn in a way that is comfortable for them instead of following everything as written in the book.

You grow as a teacher

Trying something new in the class might be beneficial for the students, but it does the same thing for you as the teacher. You create an opportunity for you to grow and learn. You cannot do the same thing year after year. You get too comfortable, and you stop thinking of ways to improve.

Speaking of new, you might want to consider using modular classrooms. These are unique rooms since they are portable. They are flexible, and you can redecorate them quickly depending on what you want to teach the kids. They will find it interesting and will feel engaged when given a chance to learn in this environment.

Hopefully, you can come up with new things, and your students will love them.

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