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By on December 14, 2012
health insurance policies

The numbers of insurance companies are increasing gradually. Alongside, these insurance companies are also launching health insurance plans with unique features and benefits. Presently there are a lot of best health insurance policies in the market. Every health insurance policy has its own unique selling point which makes it very tough for customers to make the final decision. The best way to find best medical insurance in India is to start comparing them. There are a good number of insurance aggregators which provide comparison of best health insurance plans. One should compare health insurance plan not only on basis of quotes but also on features.

Earlier, people used to prefer health insurance policies from government insurance companies since they are trustworthy and reliable. However private companies have also proved themselves to be quite reliable and also ahead in providing service. Health insurance portability has also increased the competition making it harder to find best medical insurance in India. Moreover different health insurance companies have been working on product innovation leading to health insurance plans with better features. Many new benefits have been introduced recently as a result. Maternity coverage which used to be offered with only group health cover is now available with many individual and family floater health insurance plans. There are also now specialized health insurance plans for senior citizens. The entry and exit age with health insurance plans have also been relaxed. Best health insurance policies have lifelong renewal. The coverage has also been extended along with hospital network.   Another feature recently introduced by few insurers is restoration effect. This effect as the name suggests renews the cover amount once it gets exhausted subject to few conditions. Best health insurance plans also ensure that their premium costs were also within reach of common customer.

With so many features coming into play as discussed above, it has become very hard for customer to discern best medical insurance in India. However instead of being overwhelmed by the unlimited number of health insurance plans, one can start short listing health insurance policies in a phased manner. Best health insurance plans are not those with most features. Best health insurance policies are the one which satisfies your requirements. Any extra benefit can be an add-on. One should always begin by figuring out the requirements like individual cover or family cover, health cover amount etc. That is the major task which once done makes the choosing of plan much easier. After that, one can check out premium of relevant plans or go by brand preference and buy the health insurance plan.


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