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By on June 15, 2017
Air Cooler

Symphony: For effective cooling in the heat and humidity all you need is an efficient air cooler at an affordable price, the Symphony air cooler is one of the best cooling solutions one can opt for. The air cooler is perfect for cooling rooms. It has an Engineered plastic blower, Honeycomb cooling media, dust filter, mosquito net, water tank with a capacity of 56 liters, an ice chamber and auto louver movement. It also has a remote and powerful motor and consumes very little electricity. The material of the blower is eco-friendly and safe to use. This is an attractive machine made of weather-proof composite plastic which will go well with contemporary interior design.

Hindware: If you are planning to invest on an air cooler that is not only packed with useful features but is also compact in terms of design then you can opt for the Hindware Air Cooler Price in India. As it is light in terms of weight, its installation is not a hassle either. However, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional to do the same. Hindware Air Coolers cools the room air in no time and makes your life joyful.

Maharaja Whiteline: If the fan is not enough to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot and sultry summers, you should consider buying this Maharaja Whiteline Cooler Price in India. It has all the latest technological advancements in the field of air conditioning and cooling, and comes equipped with advanced functionalities that can transform your surroundings and help you beat the unbearable heat of summer without breaking a sweat. It packed with a plethora of useful features, it is also easy to install. This makes it a smart choice to opt for in every household. Its body is made of premium quality ABS plastic, which helps it to last for a long period of time. It features a compact design and is also light in terms of weight.

Usha: The Usha Cooler is a smart pick for you and will keep you cool during the hot summer months. With exceptional cooling capabilities at an affordable price. Built to be heavy duty, this desert cooler has the added advantage of being energy efficient as well. The unit was also built with mobility and function in mind. It is fitted with castor wheels so you can wheel it into whichever room you are occupying. This air cooler will ensure a continuous flow of fresh air for long stretches of time. Assembly is easy as it only requires some basic set up. This air cooler is what you need this summer to get rid of the heat, bringing down temperatures within minutes.

Crompton Greaves: With the Crompton Greaves air cooler leave the discomfort of heat, dust and grime behind. This one-of-a- kind personal air cooler is a must have for all cozy spaces. With a sleek design it will perfectly into any interior design setting. It also comes with powerful cooling technology. The air cooler has comes with plastic castor wheels for maximum ease of mobility. At its maximum capacity, the water tank does not require frequent refilling.
Hot and dusty weather will no longer be a bother with the Crompton Greaves air cooling system. Built to be heavy duty, this cooler has the added advantage of being energy efficient as well. It is lightweight cooler for small room.

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