Booking Train Tickets Just Got Simpler Through Airtel Money

By on July 2, 2013

We always have a fear of losing our wallet while travelling. Today cash does not mean only hard cash but also plastic money in the form of credit cards and debit cards. Now, Airtel brings you a solution to put an end to all your worries. With Airtel Money, which is a mobile commerce service that allows you to use your cell phone as a mobile wallet, you can use your cell phone to pay utility bills, do Train ticket booking, and perform many other transactions.


One of the most beneficial features of Airtel Money is that of making Indian railways reservation within seconds and that too without an internet connection. To avail this service, an Airtel customer needs to have an IRCTC and Airtel Money account. To open an account with Airtel Money you need to register on their website and deposit virtual money into your Airtel Money account using Net banking or your Debit card or Credit card. In case you do not have any of these facilities you can visit an Airtel Shop, Airtel Distributor shop, Authorized Airtel Money Agent outlet or any of Airtel Partner Banks and buy virtual money. The moment you have an account opened you are ready to use the money.


You will then have to update the IRCTC profile with the Airtel Money account number to synchronize both the services. At the time of booking you will have to dial *400# to start the booking procedure. After that Select “Book Tickets” and then “Rail booking”. The next step would be to choose Reservation (if you wish to search trains & choose) or Easy book (if you know the train number). Keep following the instructions in the menu and book your tickets with ease.

The booking system is USSD-based and hence does not use any Internet service or charge users for SMS. After the tickets have been booked, Indian Railways will send a SMS to confirm the booking. The same SMS is also considered as a proof of a ticket and you can travel with it. You can use Airtel Money to search for stations, trains, seat availability, cancel tickets and check PNR status.

The main advantages of having an Airtel Money account are numerous. You need not have a bank account to open an account with Airtel money. Airtel Money services are safe. In the event of you losing your cell phone, all your transactions are protected by the maximum level of security and your PIN. By simply replacing your SIM card in any of the Airtel outlets you can gain access to your Airtel Money account. Airtel Money is a transaction based service and hence you would not be charged for anything other than the transactions you make. There is no concept of minimum amount of balance and you can keep as little money as you like in your Airtel Money account.

So don’t wait for your next travel plan. Just open an Airtel Money account and be prepared for any travel.


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