Break the IIT JEE Stereo types

By on April 8, 2017

You must have heard about the famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) from your neighbours and teachers. IIT stories are the hottest discussions in many of the Indian households. Sometimes these discussions tend to escalate and turn into rumours circulating incorrect information and hence, providing unnecessary publicity of the IITs. It works similar to the game called Chinese whisper where the information is spread from one person to the other adding some extra flavours each time. This has eventually led to numerous myths about the IIT colleges and their education.

It is true that IIT graduates are given the first preference in corporate sectors. Graduating from IIT also gives a sense of pride to the graduate. But, it is important that you look deeper rather than just going by the words conveyed to you by other people. This article aims to voice all the misinterpreted facts associated to IIT and IIT-JEE.

Cracking IIT is impossible: If you aim to achieve high, you will have to put as much efforts as you can. IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams, and you determination is a must in order to fair well. But only focusing on hard work will not get you your desired results. You will require time management skills, accurate references to the topics and a proper planning method. The hours in a day is fixed for each and every individual, but the key lies in utilizing the time efficiently.

  1. A coaching institute is a must: There are many offline and online coaching institutes for IIT JEE that facilitate the process of cracking examinations each year. It is true that joining a coaching institution will ease up the process, but it is not an obligation. They only help in showing you the right direction with the help of several tools like questions, guidelines, and study material. In any way it does not signify that that your preparation will be of waste without these coaching institutions. The advertisements in television, pamphlets, and newspapers are extremely misleading as they end up exaggerating their successes. You must always remember that all the potential is in you and coaching centres can only act as facilitators in achieving your goals.
  2. Remember that you are aware of your potentials. For cracking IIT JEE you will require ample amount of time. Therefore, it is always better to start early with your preparations. Yes, you will come across thousands of aspirants fighting for the same goals as yours. Hence, early preparation will give you an upper hand.
  3. You cannot underestimate the difficulty level of IIT JEE. The difficulty level is indeed greater than the board examinations. But, once you get a hang of the JEE pattern, it won’t be as scary as it seems. Understanding the core of each subject is a must in order to crack JEE. Referring too many books will only create confusion. Choose the best books for IIT JEE preparation and focus on them rather than juggling several books. Selecting at least two or three books is enough. But, make sure that your knowledge is wholesome.

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