Brunch Place in Jakarta: Have Yourself a Pretty Brunch Time

By on August 25, 2017
brunch place in Jakarta

After rushing morning in 5 days in a row, you finally have chance to take things slow and can finally wake up late. Oftentimes it brings you to skip breakfast. Do you know if skipping breakfast can lead to obesity? Well, that is why there is meal time called brunch! Brunchwill give you energy on the morning and save you from obesity! Besides, it is always a great deal to have something to eat between breakfast and lunch. Weekend brunch also lets you to have some quality time with your family and friends. You can retouch with your relatives while having a pretty brunch time. Pretty brunch place in Jakarta is now become trend of the year.

Arts Café by Raffles Jakarta amaze you with their fabulous interior. This fancy gold and white decoration gives you elegant vibes. Just like their name, this five stars hotel restaurant is built in arts. They even install brilliant Hendra Gunawan masterpiece as their setting! It is not a bombshell if this restaurant becomes the most artsy brunch place in Jakarta. To complete the racy vibes, they serve a buffet full of delightful dishes. You can also ask for à la carte and enjoy their Continental and Asian classy menu. For this luxurious experience, you only have to pay Rp688.000++ per person for adult and Rp275.000++ per person for children. With extra Rp200.000++ you can enjoy their house wine and beers. If you want champagne, you only need to shell out more Rp1.200.000++.  This brunch menu serves every Sunday at 12 PM – 3.30 PM. On the other hand, if you desire to have Italian cuisine as your brunch then you should come to Rosso at Shangri-La Jakarta. You can release your appetite with antipasti, Italian cheese, charcuterie, live pasta, seafood, and Italian desserts.  Enjoy this delicious cuisine on every Sunday and Saturday from 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM only with Rp350.000++ for Saturday ‘Gotta Lotta Pasta’ Brunch or Rp490.000++ for Italian Sunday Brunch.

C’s Steak at Hyatt Hotel offers you fresh meat and seafood. You can please your mouth with their delicate Char-grilled steaks, lobsters, oysters, and prawns. This restaurant is designed with simple and refreshing interior. They put their fresh ingredients as the main character. Besides their steak and seafood, you can also order a healthy salad. The price is starts from Rp700.000++ per person. It is a little bit pricey but with high quality ingredients, they promise to delight your papilla with perfection. Moving on, there is Le Gran Café inside Hotel Gran Mahakam, Kebayoran Baru. This restaurant offers you great attractions. In this restaurant, you are not only served with their signature dishes but also their chef’s attractions playing with wok and fire literally. This unique brunch place in Jakartacomes with Western and Asian specialisms.What is great about this place is you only have to pay as much as Rp168.000++ per person for adult and Rp89.000 per person for children to enjoy both remarkable attractions and yummy foods.

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