Cherish the Glory of Sanchi Stupa Bhopal

By on March 1, 2017

Bhopal which is popularly known as the City of Lakes is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. It was founded by Raja Bhoj. This city has various natural and artificial lakes and Bhopal is one of the greenest cities in India. Despite industrialization, Bhopal has reserved its old-world charm. The ancient part of the city is brimming with thin passages and jam-packed markets, whereas the new portion of city is planned in a better way and is packed with parks and gardens.

You know Bhopal has been a place where both the Hindus and Muslims have lived harmoniously all these years and such a thing reflects in everything from constructions to cuisine. So, if you are up for visiting the various happening spots of Bhopal then don’t worry about your stay because you can easily find out hotels near Bhopal station. For now, let us talk about a popular stupa!

A Peep into the Depth of Sanchi Stupa

Well Sanchi is a tiny place in Madhya Pradesh and occupies a huge space in the history of Buddhism. It is situated on a hilltop and is a spiritual place with historical and archaeologicalsignificance. It is closely knitted with the spread of Buddhism.

The place is popular throughout the world for its magnificent stupas, gorgeous monasteries, magnificent temples and pillars date back to the third century BCE to the twelfth century BCE. Apart from, the popular Sanchi stupa, the entire place has various other monuments too.

Sanchi stupa was built around 283 BCE by the great emperor Ashoka who transformed to Buddhism, is better recognized for its scriptures. It is the second hugest stupa in India after that of Amravati. Sanchi stupa is enclosed by a railing with four beautifully carved gateways facing towards all the four directions.

This entire stupa contains symbolic representation of the presents of nature as if it is telling about the Buddhist doctrine by reflectingthe love of people for the nature. The usage of lotus in stupa denotes the increase of people from the mire of materialism to the truth and holiness of life. Moreover, the female tree spirits portrayed in the gateways are signs of fertility.

The Stupas in the area of Sanchi stupa contains relics, mainly of the disciples of the Buddha. Moreover, the Sanchi Museum which works under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India possesses the Ashoka pillar coupled with other items discovered from areas of Sanchi like utensils etc. used by the monks at Sanchi. The designs, patterns, shades and the makes are very attractive and there is some ancientness in them. You will feel a religious breeze once you are there.


Actually,everything about Sanchi stupa is captivating. Once you visit the spot, you will instantly fall for it. Tourists visit the spots throughout the year for having a glimpse of this prestigious stupa. If you have never been to this place, you should not miss it. So, just do your reservation in WelcomHeritage hotel noor us Sabah Bhopal and enjoy a beautiful trip to Sanchi Stupa.

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