Choose The Art Of Artificial Grass And Transform Your Home

By on January 4, 2018
Art Of Artificial Grass And Transform Your Home

Lush green grass-lawns have a very high appeal. The look of a manicured lawn in front of a house is unmatched and is an instant reflection of taste and style of the owner. However, natural grass can be very tricky to grow and maintain. It requires regular maintenance and upkeep in order to have a tended appearance. This is why artificial grass is getting increasingly popular these days.

Artificial grass retains the look and feel of natural grass and requires drastically lesser maintenance. Installing artificial grass saves a lot of time and effort because it doesn’t wither or wilt, and needs no trimming. Installation of artificial grass is not a difficult task and many Suffolk artificial grass installers provide hassle free solution to installation concerns. Let us have a look at some interesting ways in which artificial grass can be used at home.

Around the splash zone

Got a swimming pool in the house? Artificial grass can be used to line the area surrounding the pool. Not only will it enhance the beauty and look of the pool area, it will also provide a firm, non-slippery foothold for anyone who comes out of the pool. The best thing about it is that it won’t get muddy or slippery with regular use, unlike natural grass.

Pepping up the terrace

Thinking of setting up a terrace garden? Consider installing artificial grass lawn as the base instead of regular grass. Not only will it be faster to set up, it will turn out to be much cheaper in the long run because it you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance of artificial grass as on natural grass. Another  plus point is that it wouldn’t wither or wilt in different seasons.

Replacing the wall paper

Ever thought about using artificial grass lawns on the wall instead of the floor? Doing this will add a unique touch to the interiors. You can replace the wallpaper or wall paint of at least one wall in your living room, for example, with artificial grass cover and see what a big difference it makes to the look of the room. Choose accessories that match the theme, and you end up renovating the room without spending a fortune.

Cushioning in kids play area

If you have a toddler or kid at home, you know how difficult it is to make them play safely. No matter what you do, they end up hurting themselves by falling on the floor or ground. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor play area for your child, lining the floor or ground with a layer of artificial grass serves to make a cushioning surface. Hence, if the child falls on it, there is much lesser injury.

Professional Suffolk artificial grass installers have grass samples of different texture and feel. According to your need and budget, they provide you the most suitable option. Use of artificial grass is not restricted to outside lawn only, and there are many creative ways to use it. Therefore, you should definitely consider using artificial grass and changing the look and appeal of your home.


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