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Everybody knows that exercise is important and we should get sufficient exercise to be healthy. Yet, most people view exercise as a necessary torture instead of a meaningful activity that is supposed to be fun.

The reason for this is because most people do exercises that they have zero interest in. The first thought that comes to mind when think about exercise is jogging or running. In reality, there are so many other activities that are effective for fat burning too.

If you hate to run, do not start your year off doing something you hate. People have lost weight swimming, rollerblading, kickboxing, dancing, cycling, rowing, walking, rock climbing, etc. The goal of exercise is activity. You need to move more, pant more and get your heart pumping.

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Exercise is meant to give your metabolic rate a boost, strengthen your muscles and make you more limber. It is not meant to make your life a living hell. Running is a very strenuous activity and many people hate it with a passion. Yet, when you go to the gym, you’ll notice people pounding away on the treadmills like a hamster on a wheel. They are pouring with sweat and their faces look grim and miserable.

There is no rule forcing you to take up an activity that you dislike. As long as you are at a caloric deficit, you will burn fat. The exercise will just help to burn more calories and speed up the process. Of course, high intensity exercise will burn more calories in a shorter span of time. However, you will dread doing them and will not develop the habit of regular exercise.

Even if you lose weight by engaging in exercises that you abhor, you will have an effective but imperfect outcome. Once you reach your weight, you will stop doing the exercises that you dislike. You have reached your goal and there doesn’t seem to be any need to exercise anymore. Once you stop, the weight will slowly creep back in and with time, like 90 percent of people, you will have a weight relapse.

The best way to avoid this will be to engage in an activity that you love. Many people are passionate about kickboxing. The punching, kicking and fast music is exciting and they attend 2 or 3 classes a week. Since they enjoy the activity, the fact that it is exercise slips their mind. They’re doing what they love.

You want to do that too. If all you can do is walk, then stick to walking. Thousands of people have lost weight and transformed their lives with brisk walking and a healthy diet. It may have taken them longer to do it, but they did it in the end. If you’re willing to take your time and wait, your results will come and they’ll come without you suffering.

If you want fast weight loss, you’ll need to do the more intense workouts. Several very effective programs on the market such as the P90X, Insanity and Tae Bo have helped thousands of people lose weight. These are challenging workouts and they will test you. Make sure you are ready to start on these at the beginner levels. If you’re weak and your joints ache, it would be better to stick with low impact, safer exercises.

As you progress and lose weight, you can try the more advanced exercises. There is no rush. Decide what your goals are and choose an exercise that you will enjoy doing… then stick with the program and do it regularly. That’s really all you need to do to lose weight.

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