Developmental Delays in Child and Your Action Plan

By on July 22, 2017
Developmental Delays in Child

It’s truly an extremely gratifying experience to the new parents watching their kid growing and gaining different skills like moving on the chest, start talking or walking gradually. As per pediatric experts that, it’s not mandatory for each and every child to exhibit same skills at the same time, but there is certain time limit. Therefore, if it appears that progression of your child is bit show or rather noticeable, it is the best choice to talk to an expert pediatrician immediately. Your child might be having neuro-development delay.

Don’t panic, as well, do not delay. Take the matter seriously before it becomes a critical management issue. As per studies of the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities that in the US the number of developmental delays in children is growing at steady pace. According to prominent Neuroengineer and Psychotherapist Dr. Curtis Cripe that there are different causes that lead to child’s developmental delays. Among them a major three are

Key Causes of Developmental Delays

  • Genetic issue/ Chromosomal
  • Environmental conditions (pollution)
  • Mother’s acute illness in course of pregnancy

Developmental delays in child are caused by Neuro-developmental disorder. Headquartered in Arizona, NTL  Group has been equipped with all advanced resources, expert therapists and mechanisms to offer solutions for pediatric developmental issues, teen/adult psychological and brain based disorders, addiction recovery and all cases related to human brain like brain injury due to stroke and neural problems.

The esteemed group is now led by Curtis Cripe, positioned as the Chief, Research and Development cell.  As per version of the globally acknowledged neuroscientist that neurodevelopment delay may be the root cause of critical child mental health disorders like ADD, ADHD, or Autism. It is, therefore, parents are recommended that once you realize that your child showing delay in normal developmental phase; get in touch with experts to make sure on the issue.

Early Action is the Key

Keep in mind that the earlier your loving child is examined and diagnosed, the better the result is expected. Early diagnosis is crucial because that leads to early intervention and access the course of therapeutic process. Eventually, your fast action can help your child to gain a quality life. At NTL, the community is prepared with all super advanced mechanisms and great software that help them study the brain wave forms, have better imaging of brain’s internal circuit, and  based on these database they can offer the most fitting solution for your child’s therapy.

Basic Treatment Phase

  • Speech therapy: involves talk therapy, understanding language etc;
  • Occupational therapy: involves therapies to make children learn, grasp and enhance their motor skills (Actions for daily living activities like bathing, eating and dressing);
  • Physical therapy: The therapy process is designed to uplift physical abilities (such as walking, balancing, gripping things, jumping etc);
  • Behavior therapy: prepared with a view to minimize negative behaviors found in the child such as irritability, refusal to be friendly or interact socially and others;
  • Medications and workout therapy;
  • Entire therapy process is customized considering the problem areas of the child for better and fast result.

Help your child grow with the best medical support that can be provided to him.

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