Discover Taiwan and its Hidden Secrets

By on September 3, 2013
Discover Taiwan and its Hidden Secrets

Taiwan is a beautiful island nation found in East Asia, it’s the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy quality tourism experiences. Family trips to Taiwan are also entertaining. There are enough activities for both parents and their kids. The country is also popular for its wide selection of exotic meals and seafood. In fact, there’s a huge gourmet dessert exhibition that goes down each year. This is a great time to come with your family and enjoy sumptuous traditional Asian food. This country has a warm and temperate climate that’s suitable for summer vacations.

Main attractions

1) The 101 tower of Taipei. This skyscraper is found in the capital city and dominates its entire skyline. It consists of 89 stories which stretch 1671 ft into the sky. The building hosts various departments including offices, financial organizations and many luxury shops. Moreover, architects believe that it ranks amongst the top 10 tallest skyscrapers in the globe, plus its electric lifts are quite fast and can reach the top in only 39 seconds. Kids would be entertained by the mind-blowing elevator ride, which comes complete with ceiling lighting to stimulate the nighttime sky. Visitors would also enjoy panoramic views of the city streets which lie down below.

2) National Palace Heritage Museum. This interesting place is found in Taipei suburb, it contains a huge collection of paintings, calligraphic works and antiquities found nowhere else in the world. There are about 600,000 pieces found in the palace, including works from ancient dynasties such as Sung, Ching, Yuan and Ming.

3) Taipei Nighttime Market. This is an interesting time to sample and buy local products and souvenirs. Most shopkeepers begin displaying their wares at 8 pm, and continue trading till the cock crows at 6 am the following day. Traders often display bright helium signs while playing loud music to lure potential clients. They sell various items including shoes, clothes and a favorite local beverage known as bubble tea.

High speed railway transport

Those who want to visit the city outskirts can use HSR futuristic bullet trains, they are very comfortable and run on electricity. Some tourists have said that it greatly resembles Disney’s fictional single-rail system. However, if you want to leave the city in a traditional way there are buses and cabs which traverse the surrounding region.

Wonderful Nature

One of Taiwan’s greatest natural wonders is Liushuei-Heliu track. This heritage site comes complete with a suspended river bridge, tunnel cut and hiking cliff. The trail offers spectacular views for adventure seekers, including an opportunity to seeing rare local vegetation and flowers which are unique to Taiwan. Liushuei is a great place for those who love to feel their adrenalin pump. There are enough activities to indulge in as you enjoy your vacation.
The 5 freeway boulevard runs down to the panoramic Pacific coast offering tourists quality Ocean views. There are also magnificent marble gorges and limestone rocks found in the Wildlife Park. Those visiting Taiwan for the first time should sign up for esta program. This is an online visa waiver plan that checks on the suitability of travelers to visit U.S.


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