Dressing Up Uniquely

By on February 27, 2013

Dressing up appropriately is one of the most crucial things. Other than dressing stylish, it is important that you dress well. For this, you must have a fashion sense and understand your body type. Here are few guidelines to help you do that. Take a look.

  1. Try to make one piece of your outfit standout. For example, instead of wearing printed top and bright trousers with accessories, wear solid color top and neutral color pant. Accessorize yourself keeping in consideration of the occasion.
  2. Wear clothes that complement your figure. When you go to shopping, you might like several outfits but ensure that they suit your body type.
  3. Do not wear outfits with too many metal pieces. This will make you look flashy and loud. Try to balance your outfit. For example if you are wearing a flashy outfit stay less on accessories, If you are wearing a neutral color outfit, lift it up with several colorful bangles.
  4. You can make your outfit different with exclusive embroidery designs. This will give a personalized touch to your outfit.


How to download embroidery designs from internet

You can download unique embroidery designs from internet. Here is how to do that:

  1. Search in the internet about the several embroidery designs. Type in keywords like ‘embroidery designs’, ‘embroidery design download’ in the search engine. You will see several search results.
  2. Do not forget to type in the word ‘free’ with your keyword. However, not all the search results that you get will be free. Many websites give free download for extra shopping from their site.
  3. In case, you are searching for a specific embroidery design, type in the embroidery design name. Similarly, you can also search in by the embroidery machine brand names. Tip: Be careful of the file extension of the files you choose. Choose files which have extensions like JEF, PES, HUS, SEW, and DST.
  4. After you have chosen the embroidery pattern, check if the file is a free download or paid one. There are different rules for different websites. Some websites allow you to download free files if you register with them or sign up for their newsletter.  If it is a paid download file, there will be shopping cart in the website. Select the file and click ‘add to cart’.
  5. Once you are done with the selection of paid download files, proceed to the checkout section. Do not forget to read the website’s download policy. Different download policies are present for different websites. For example: After the purchase, you will receive an email. This e-mail will have the file attached to it or might contain the link to the file. The website will redirect you to the download file.
  6. For free files, you will just have to click on them. Note: if there is no file extension mentioned, then there is a ZIP extension to the file.
  7. Do not forget to save the file in your computer. Save it in a location/folder that is easily accessible.
  8. Open and start using the embroidery design file. You can transfer the file to your machine only if it is in your machine’s suitable format.
  9. In case it is a zipped file, use the compression software and extract the zipped files. Change the files to your file format.


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