Effective Tips To Memorize Better

By on March 3, 2018
Memorize Better

From the day we are born the process of learning starts. From breathing to talking about socializing and more, our brain learns and stores more information which we couldn’t hope to mimic with any computer program. With this vast amount of data being stored in our memory, it wouldn’t be surprising if our memory shows a few gaps here and there. The amount of things we learn is a lot more than how much we can actually remember. The ability to remember things varies from person to person. While some people need to read a topic multiple times to make a solid impression on their memory, some people can remember whole paragraphs in just one read. Even though having different memory coefficients is acceptable, certain cases like forgetting your keys every day or forgetting to send an important mail to a client. In such scenarios, it becomes necessary to work on your memorization skills. Let us look at some ways to improve our memorization skills.

  • Constant exercising: Don’t let your brain be idle for long like before. Make the brain work on a daily basis, play simple games like Sudoku, crosswords and puzzles. These simple activities will challenge and provide a good exercising session for the brain. This will make grasping information easier by keeping the brain in a more alert and active state.
  • Taking in information: When you are learning, pay attention to what you might be reading or hearing. If you hope to remember what you’re learning, you must first understand what you intend to learn. Once the concepts are clear and you have a proper understanding of the flow of things, the less likely you are to forget it.
  • Reciprocate: Once you have grasped a certain topic which you wish to remember, talk about it and use it in conversations with your friends. Let’s assume you learned a topic like the nomenclature of organic compounds. If you discuss the topics with your friends and have a conversation about it, your brain will automatically refresh information about related topics in your memory. This will help you to remember the topic better and for longer.
  • Take interest in the topic at hand: There is always a reason why we would need to learn and remember a topic, be it the periodic table or algebra. Thus, racking up an interest in what you’re learning will help you to remember better. Like how we remember all the rules of our favorite sport or the dialogues of our favorite movie with ease.

Thus, here we have discussed some effective ways to improve one’s memorization skills with effective techniques which are proven to work. For more fun facts and new gen learning content, check out our YouTube channel –



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