Explore Underwater Wakatobi and Enjoy Its Beauty

By on August 16, 2017
Underwater Wakatobi

If you have planned to have vacation, Explore Underwater Wakatobi will be a great idea for vacation. Wakatobi becomes favorite place to visit in Indonesia especially for divers. Wakatobi consists of beautiful Island. There are four main Islands that later becomes the name of Wakatobi. They are Wangi-Wangi, and thenKaledupaIsland, TomiaIsland and the last is BinongkoIsland. There are also many small Islands which are also beautiful and attractive. There is something that makes this WakatobiIsland becomes special and should be visited. UNESCO informs that in these Islands there are many species of coral where from 850 species in the world, 750 species are in Wakatobi. There are also many kinds reef; flora and fauna can be found in Wakatobi. So, if you want to know the species of flora and fauna of the sea you can visit and dive in WakatobiIsland.

There are many interesting things to do when you are visiting Wakatobi Island. You can Explore Underwater Wakatobi Divingand many other things that will give the most attractive experience in vacation. What’s that?

  1. Diving and Snorkeling

If you are visiting Wakatobi, you must do these things so you will get the best vacation in Wakatobi. Yes, you can dive in the clear and clean water and enjoy the beauty of underwater world in Wakatobi. If you are not skillful in diving, you can have guide and give you instruction when diving. The other interesting activity to enjoy underwater world in Wakatobi is snorkeling. It is also fun and interesting because the water is clear so snorkeling will give you enough sigh to the life underwater.

  1. Enjoy Beautiful View from Tomia Hill

Form Tomia hill, you can see the beautiful view and landscape of Wakatobi. There are many coral reef that can be found on this hill so, many people thing that this place is part of ocean floor formerly. You can see green hill and fresh air that will relax you.

  1. Traditional Dance from SukuButon

Wakatobi also has many cultures and arts. The example is Eja-eja dance that usually danced by kids. The other interesting dance that can be enjoyed when visiting Wakatobi is Mborira dance. It tells about a man from a journey that come home and find woman to be married.

  1. Trying Special food from Wakatobi

Vacation is not about enjoying the nature but also enjoying the food. Wakatobi has many foods that can be tasted. Kasuami is one of the favorite foods in Wakatobi. It is made from cassava that is rasp and then cooked. It can stay for up to two weeks and usually brought by fisherman when they are sail.

  1. Visiting SukuBajo Village

It is interesting and unique because the houses of SukuBajo are built over the sea.

If you are visiting Wakatobi, you should try to Explore Underwater Wakatobi Scuba Divingthen you will get the best vacation in Wakatobi. You can enjoy the beauty of underwater world with various species and kind of flora and fauna and the beauty of largest coral reef.


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