Getting the Best Salon Deals

By on October 4, 2017
Best Salon Deals


Finding a good hairdresser can be difficult, and sometimes it feels like everything is either too expensive or just doesn’t offer the kind of service that you want. In order to get the best salon deal, you need to find a price that you’re happy with and a service that you’re happy with too.

Shop around

Rather than sticking within your hometown, shop around and look at what the surrounding areas have to offer. There may be plenty of places nearby within walking distance or a short car ride, and you can get a better deal there than back home. You might be able to find a good Greenvale hair salon even if you don’t live in that particular area, and the extra money you spend on fuel costs will balance out the savings and quality of service that you receive at the salon.

Check the services they offer

You don’t want to waste your time showing up to a salon that doesn’t actually offer what you need. You can check this beforehand usually on their website or social media pages, and if you’re not finding the information that you need, there should be a phone number or email address that you can use to contact the salon and speak to somebody personally.

Ask friends for recommendations

When trying to find any new place, you should ask friends, family and other people you know where they go and if they have any recommendations. This is a great way to get insight into the local places near you and which ones might be good for you. If you have a friend who always seems to get an amazing haircut, for example, ask where they go and how much it costs.

Check out discounts

Many salons will offer discounts and perks for people who try out the salon for the first time, so it might not actually cost you that much to go around your local area and try out some new places in order to find the best salon. Some salons will offer a discount and then a further discount if you return back a second time. Not only can you save some money by doing this, but it also shows that the salon is keen to build good customer relationships and maintain loyalty within the business.

Ask about loyalty cards

If you plan on using the salon services regularly, it’s worth asking whether they offer a loyalty card. Once you’re not a new customer anymore, you won’t qualifying for any new customer discounts, but you might be able to collect stamps or points that you can then trade in for free treatments or money off your next appointments. Even if it’s not something they offer at the moment, it might give them an idea to consider for the future to reward their most loyal customers.

Look for good customer service

As well as a price you can afford, good customer service in a salon is very important too. You need to find a hairdresser, stylist or beauty therapist who is able to listen to you and your needs and then provide the exact service that you need. Many people are too quick to rush the service and don’t really listen to their customers or concentrate on providing a good quality of service.

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