GiFi Power 4000mAh 44.4Wh 20C 11.1V LiPo Battery

By on July 21, 2017
LiPo Battery

Lithium Polymer batteries (LiPo for small) are a fresher kind of rechargeable battery used in RC cars for example trucks, planes, and crawlers.

If you are in a hobby that includes radio control, you most probable have come crossways LiPo at several point or another.

LiPo batteries proposal a variety of profits that batteries for example Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) does not. Underneath you will find several of the features of LiPo batteries.

GiFi Power is the finest LiPo battery on the marketplace for your mini quad. The battery itself is graphene which means that it has exceptional performance, particularly when you consider the value. Now noticeably there are less costly 4s LiPos on the marketplace, however because the GiFi Power are graphene batteries, it would be capable to last as a minimum three times longer (non-graphene batteries last about 300 cycles while the GiFi Power would last around 1000 cycles.) You definitely get more bang for your buck! The battery itself derives in an actually nice and decorative magnetic padded case. It is somewhat wider plus shorter than the normal 4s lipo, however this should not be a problem plus it will fit into maximum frames. The higher C score on the battery means that you would be able to quicken your quad at a much faster rate in contrast to steady lipos. The voltage could also hold for much extensive and sustain more current than your steady LiPo. Eventually, for the price plus performance, the GiFi Power have to be the finest LiPos on the market immediately.

If you are just a spontaneous hobbyist, then these batteries would last you considerably longer than normal LiPos. They are also comparatively small and compacted meaning that for racing they would fit into your constricted build. If you relish Acro flying then the negligible voltage sag will expressively help you out. GiFi Power claim that these batteries are “more potent than any graphene battery.” Though numerous tests have revealed that, in spite of still being insanely potent, they are not additional so. Generally, these batteries have a great capacity and lower internal resistance or landing temperature meaning that irrespective of what kind of pilot you are, the GiFi Power wouldsuit your flying kind. You can get it from rcmoment.

This battery is directed at the casual flyer as well as not the racer because of its weight. Whilst it is pretty weighty (177g) it derives packed full of high performance. For instance, it can survive above 1000 cycles as well as has an 80C discharge amount. The construct quality on this thing is fantastic. It feels strong in the hand as well as has good defense on the sides meaning it will retain its shape irrespective of the load. The orange itself is pretty daring (something that I like however others may not!) The extent of the battery itself is consistent and has a capacity to weight relation of 7.3 mAh/g. The voltage steadiness is pretty worthy – the cut off is 3.45V/cell.

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