Goobye Digital Tacho Data Collection: The Digital Tachograph Data Analysis For Fleet Management

By on February 14, 2019
Goobye Digital Tacho Data Collection

2019 will see a new generation of tachograph that includes a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) source to produce a location stamp at the start and end of driving and at three hourly intervals, a wireless enforcement function to communicate to enforcement officers possible manipulation (but not driving and break data), and the integration with Intelligent Transport Systems such as telematics equipment.

What does this mean to us?

Operators and drivers will undoubtedly have concerns about what is effectively ‘another pair of eyes’ interrogating the tachograph through GPS tracking system.

The new units are simply designed to check that the tachograph understands that the vehicle tracking software is moving and that your tacho card has been inserted, see any time adjustments and calibration data, and the speed recorded by the digital tachograph and the vehicle registration number.

The next generation digital tachographs will also give examiners some basic indications on compliance which will help them decide whether to stop a driver for a full roadside check.

What are the benefits?

Roadside enforcement teams will be greatly assisted by the new digital tachographs as they will be able to access details of the latest attempted security breaches, the longest power supply interruption, sensor faults, motion data errors and any vehicle motion conflicts.

The new tachograph/ vehicle tracking software will help crack down on fraud.

Before we head further, we also need to understand

What is Smart analysis?

Smart analysis is the industry-leading tachograph evaluation and compliance management software program.

Smart analysis is used by a number of the EU main transport operators to shield compliance with drivers’ hours and working time rules and much more.

Smart analysis removes the load of dealing with and controlling the process for safeguarding your compliance, leaving you with greater time to attention in your commercial enterprise.

How Smart analysis works?

Smart analysis is a cloud based totally tachograph analysis software program provider that can be accessed securely anywhere you have an internet connection.

Key statistics approximately Smart analysis

  • It is used to analyse over 1,30,000 tachograph statistics every month.
  • It is deployed in over 12,000 locations at some stage in Europe.
  • It is suitable for all HGV and PCV fleets – big and small.
  • It provides seamless evaluation of both analogue and digital tachograph records.
  • Your information is at ease.
  • Over 100 general reports are available on line or emailed to you.
  • Smartanalysis includes powerful gear to manipulate your infringements down.
  • It is fully supported and will make sure your compliance now and inside the future by accommodating modifications in legislation and tachograph hardware.

what is a Digital tachograph? 

A digital tachograph is a device suited for a vehicle (commonly a huge commercial car wearing items or passengers) that lets in insertion of a driver card and is hooked up to the gearbox. The cause of a tachograph (additionally referred to as a tacho) is to help put in force maximum daily and fortnightly driving hours, in addition to every day and weekly minimal rest periods, for industrial drivers.

Fleet owners want to install tachographs on all applicable cars, and frequently download and report the digital statistics recorded. Aside from meeting their duties underneath EU regulation, fleet proprietors also can use this statistics to make sure their drivers are staying compliant and that the tachograph is running effectively.

Fleet managers need to install tacho download driving force statistics at the least as soon as every 28 days, and automobile data each 56 days. This record can be utilized by fleet managers and dispatchers to help drivers stay inside felony driving limits and assign new jobs based on available hours.

Do you need a digital tachograph?

A digital tachograph is legally required beneath EU law for maximum drivers of commercial automobiles (sporting items or passengers) that meet unique criteria along with having a GVW over three.5 tonnes.

Tachograph exemptions 

You can be exempt if any of the subsequent conditions apply:

  • Vehicles constrained to 40kmph
  • Emergency useful aids automobiles
  • Breakdown vehicles
  • Non-commercial cars below 7.5 tonnes
  • Vehicles manufactured more than 25 years in the past.
  • There are other feasible exemptions, however if you are operating passenger or goods automobiles over 3.5 tonnes, you will most probably need a tachograph. Failure to achieve this can result in big fines.

How can you view contemporary driver statistics?

With a linked digital tachograph software you could log in for your web-based fleet control software program and see the modern readings for any of your drivers. The software program also can be setup to alert you if drivers are not compliant.

Driver ID capability (using a key fob) makes it clean to determine who changed into driving while, allowing fleet managers to coach drivers based on individual performance and compliance necessities.

Knowing the modern-day compliance status of drivers also can assist dispatchers assign jobs faster and greater effectively, based on up-to-date statistics available via the net-based totally dashboard.

What are the legal riding hours?

For car requiring a tachograph using duration must not exceed 9 hours – except for twice a week when 10 hours is allowed.

Drivers must additionally take a leisure break of as a minimum forty five minutes after each four and a half (4.5) hours of driving.

Total weekly driving time have to no longer exceed 56 hours, and fortnightly using time ought to no longer exceed ninety hours.

During this time, drivers need to take a daily rest period of as a minimum 11 hours. A reduced daily relaxation length of 9 hours is allowable up to a most of 3 instances per week.

The expert tachograph software program can assist each drivers and fleet managers with using restrictions and barriers, and without difficulty view to be had time last as well as rests or breaks that want to be taken. 

How do I record on person drivers? 

Tachographs report car and motive force facts one at a time. When beginning a shift, a driver will use a key fob with the tachograph so it knows which motive force ID to assign data to, including using time, pace, distance and relaxation intervals.

You can use this data to help enhance safety, sell compliance and decorate standard productiveness of your fleet.


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