Have Good Co-Sleeping Experience by Heading for an Organic Mattress

By on January 29, 2018
Organic Mattress

Anthropological and developmental studies opine that for properly nurturing and breastfeeding the child throughout the long night hours, it is important for both mother and baby to stay next to each other. Babies are not simply meant for being left alone in the room away from the mothers. In fact, if this is found in some family, it will be considered weird. Co-sleeping is beneficial for both the mother and the child, but only if slept on non-toxic mattresses.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

According to pediatricians, co-sleeping, which is also known as sleep sharing has numerous effects on the physical and emotional health of the baby. As per research, it has been found that crib-sleeping infants are lower in number compared to the co-sleeping infants, but when compared in terms of growth and development, it is the co-sleeping infants who are in a betterstate compared to the crib-sleeping ones. This is because mothers get to learn about their child’s hunger and feed them from time-to-time when co-sleeping. But, what plays an essential role in the growth factor is the amount of sleep.

Why Opt for Organic Mattresses over Non-Organic Ones?

Sleep plays a very important role in a child’s overall growth and development along with proper food. And with sleep, the mattress is the next thing that comes to context. But, when co-sleeping, it means that you will make your child sleep on your mattress which might not be sound enough for your child’s health. When sleeping with your child, it is important to get home a mattress that is suitable for the health of both of you. The organic semi-firm mattresses qualify in this context. These mattresses come with numerous benefits which is why they are slightly expensive compared to those non-organic mattresses. To remain within your budget without compromising your child’s and your sleep, use discount code to buy a safe organic mattress at low prices.

An adult mattress, often used in a couple’s bedroom is likely to have toxic properties quite similar to crib mattresses and these properties are not healthy for anyone, mostly babies. These include toxic foams, chemicals, synthetic fabrics and fire retardant chemicals. Babies are vulnerable to such chemicals. The worst is that sleeping on such mattresses can cause an infant’s death. Mattresses made of organic material are safe and non-toxic. Also, they have an open cell structure, which is why they are breathable and offer a comfortable sleep surface. Not only your child, but you will also get to have sound sleeping hours, no more night sweating and back pain.

Organic mattresses, especially the ones made from pure cotton are also fire-resistant, which add on to the positivity hitched to buying them. Going ahead with the list of pros, they are allergy-resistant which is the best thing for babies who are prone to allergies occurring from dust and dirt. Thus, it is sound enough to make a leap with an organic mattress, if you are thinking of sleep-sharing.

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