Guest Blogging: A Tool to Drive Online Traffic

By on May 22, 2015

Have you ever sat down and wondered how the largest blogs on the internet get their traffic? Some of these domains drive as much as 100,000 unique visitors per day that actively engage with the content. How is this possible? Can anyone get these kinds of numbers, or is it reserved for celebrity status bloggers? The truth of the matter is that there are rudimentary tasks and actions that an individual can take in order to increase their online presence. Increasing your overall traffic, as you may already know, increases the size of the impact you can have with your mission.

Before developing the tools to increase your exposure, it’s essential that you become absolutely clear with your main target. Are you trying to spread awareness of a particular subject or service with your blog? Perhaps you long for a hub of personal interaction with thousands of readers who share your ideas and thoughts. Or, as so many others in the online community are trying to do, you want to start a business.

Whatever the goal may be, you need to have clarity within your actions from the start of your blog. When you have clarity and stick to your beliefs, you become an individual that is congruent with your content. This creates an aura of authenticity that so many people value in today’s digital age. This also gives you a better chance to succeed in whatever goals you may have set out for your blog.

Now that you have a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, let’s talk about the strategy. The most critical component in your aim to increase online traffic is blogging as a guest on another website. If you frequent the major blogs on the internet today, you begin to notice a theme. Many of the popular bloggers work in unison with other individuals within their sector or space. Combining forces with other successful bloggers who share the same moral mission will catapult your traffic forward.

As you’re starting out, contact the individuals who run successful blogs within the particular market you’re trying to get into. As a rough analogy, if you’re trying to blog about travel ideas, blogging on a guest site pertaining to food recipes might not be your best option. Instead, spend a few days finding out the most popular blogs within your particular niche and study their behavior. Do they interact within the comments section with their readers? Do they have a social media presence on other websites? Do they post on their other social media platforms about blog posts that they’ve put on their site?

All of these tactics can be harnessed and implemented into your blog. This brings us to our next tip: being prepared! Approaching a successful blogger isn’t going to get your foot in the door to driving more traffic. Instead, harness the steps you’ve learned from those mentors and grow a small following. As you’ve gotten a small following, approach the popular blogger that you’ve found within your space. This gives you more traction and leverage in which to arrange a guest post on their blog.

This guest blogging tactic is a brilliant way to watch your traffic explode. The guest post allows you to share your message with an even broader audience than you currently have on your personal blog. Similarly, it gives you valuable backlinks (powerful search engine ranking tools) that will increase your traffic even more. Networking with the successful bloggers within your industry is one of the most highly effective ways to grow a readership in a short period of time. Learn more at


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