Handy Tips When It Comes to Strata Painting

By on November 5, 2018

One should understand that strata painting is one of the most complex painting projects considering the dimension and size of the project. In reality, few skilled painters and contractors prefer to deal with domestic and residential jobs, as most have insufficient experience, trained members, and equipment available to handle strata work.

Residential and strata painting projects can be very different and challenging. A building’s finishes are just as important as its structural integrity; hence, keeping the paintwork in good nick is essential to maintain its original image.

A structure’s outward appearance is the replication of professional and organized strata management. Painting can be costly and a plethora of professionals is just a click away from being at your service, but their eagerness doesn’t guarantee a professional finish. Finding someone like New Castle Painting BC is not easy who have mastered the art of strata painting.

So here are some tips to consider when it comes to strata painting.

#1 Do Proper Research

Whether the project is a residential development or a large department building, there is a lot for you to think before getting started. When it comes to residential projects, they are small and quick, there are fewer decisions to be made and often the painter can provide some handy tips in regards to palette and color.

However, when it comes to strata painting projects, it is ideal that you have some ideas in mind. If things are going to be completed on schedule, you need to be a little more organized. So research is important. You can go through other similar strata painting projects and determine what appeals to you. The best thing to do is take photos and write down the ideas. It will help when you are working with the contractor as you have somewhere to start.

#2 Schedule Time to Get Quotes

Scheduling and timing are of great importance when it comes to large strata projects. The painting phase is just one of the many aspects you need to fit into everything else.

It is important to note that receiving quotes and finding the best painting company takes time and these kinds of decisions take even more time that you expect. The quotes are likely to be larger and the requirements often need to be properly understood by the contractor, so obviously it takes more time.

#3 Realize that Quality over Quantity is the Most Important Thing

Your painter may come and paint the whole building in merely a day but does the paint job reflect quality? When it comes to strata painting, you are looking for longevity instead of a quick job. Hence, it is important to find a quality service provider. You will be able to tell the quality of the service provider by looking at the size and detail of their quote. Never appoint a painter until and unless you are sure about their credential, don’t be afraid or shy to ask for testimonials. It would give you the confidence of trusting the provider if they tend to show their previous strata projects.

Final Words

Painters are easy to find but you should be always inclined towards finding a company that delivers their services in terms of quality work and customer service.

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